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Rejoice, it’s cuddling season! And depending on what your cuddling habits are, they could say a lot about your relationship. We all have our ideal cuddling situations but sometimes the reality of our relationships dictates a totally different dynamic, and we find ourselves settling for baby spoon or no cuddles at all! Well, not to […]

Justine Iaboni justine@jetsetjustine.com Author Justine Iaboni is a style blogger and writer. You can find her at www.jetsetjustine.com. She lives and works in Toronto but is always jet-setting off to a new place every month - hence the blog name. She loves taking a witty and unconventional perspective on style, and loves a good pun. Her followers always say her blog is the only one they still actually read. But if you follow her on Snapchat you’ll see a whole different - crazier - side of her. 29Secrets