5 Ways to Send Gifts to Your Long-Distance Loves

During Christmas last year, I was in a long distance relationship. This year, I won’t be¦ because I moved 4000 miles to live with my partner. So now I’m in a long distance relationship with all of my family and friends instead, I guess? The holidays are hard, and being far away from the person or people that you love makes it even harder. It’s tough, I know ” but manageable, especially since Wi-Fi and Skype exist. But crap, what are you supposed to do about gifts?! If you’re stumped about how to handle the holiday aspect of your LDR, keep on’ reading.

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If you’re traveling to see them


You’re going to want to make sure the gifts won’t a) take up too much space in your luggage and b) won’t break in there, either. I flew to visit my partner a few days after Christmas last year, so I brought him a small painting and personalized notebook in my carry-on. So I wouldn’t have to worry about taking something back with me, he made me a card and took me out for dinner at my favourite spot and drinks at an arcade bar. Opt either for a sweet gift that travels well, or an experience that’s equally as memorable. You can give them something that will remind them of you and your LDR often, like this Modcloth Goes a Longituded Way Ornament ($10).

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