Fragrance Of The Month: Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection Of Emotions

Fragrance Of The Month: Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection Of Emotions

If you could manifest the emotions you desire and the life you dream of—all by spritzing on Charlotte Tilbury’s new Fragrance Collection of Emotions: “Magic Energy,” “Calm Bliss,” “More Sex,” “Joyphoria,” “Love Frequency” and “Cosmic Power”—would you do it? Chances are, if you’re anything like the people who’ve posted the hashtag #manifest 8.7 million times and counting on Instagram, the answer is: yes. After all, ever since the book The Secret was published in 2006 (selling 35 million+ copies to date), who hasn’t fantasized about the idea of thinking our aspirations into reality?

The iconic makeup artist is clearly on the same wavelength. Alongside renowned noses, Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou and (one of our all-time favourites) Dominique Ropion, Tilbury has transformed her thoughts of sex, love, happiness, energy, calm and empowerment into six new and aptly named unisex scents. Her methodically crafted fragrances have been infused with specific notes, each one tested and analyzed by the International Flavors & Fragrances Scentcube algorithm, to boost the emotions their labels promise.

Bright and sophisticated “Magic Energy” is invigorating and fresh with crisp notes of bergamot and myrtle, earthy cypress, heady jasmine, salty seaweed and ambergris, resinous frankincense, and creamy Palo Santo and cashmere wood. This elixir promises to reawaken the senses to connect us to the four elements of nature.

“Calm Bliss,” as the names suggests, is tranquil and serene. Its peaceful aroma includes botanical notes of neroli and bergamot with herbal lavender, sweet orange blossom and aquatic water, and soothing cashmere wood, Palo Santo, ambergris and olibanum. The eau’s overall effect is luminous and sparkling with a hint of soft floral blooms.

Seductive and tempting “More Sex” feels like a jolt of passion when spritzed on. Spicy black pepper and magnetic juniper berries kick things off before merging into an intoxicating pool of sensual musk and leather, animalic ambroxan and aldron, and intimate and warm sandalwood and amberwood. The parfum’s overall vibe is hypnotic with velvety undertones.

“Joyphoria” instantly transports us to a happy place. Warm and radiant, this sunny bouquet includes notes of sweet coconut water, neroli and petitgrain, heady ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose flowers, and warm and powdery vanilla bean, cashmere wood and musk. Voluptuous and balmy, this scent lifts our spirits on first inhalation.

Euphoric “Love Frequency” allures with its notes of bold spicy pink pepper, romantic rose and saffron, and sensual patchouli, musk, cashmere wood and amberwood. The floral woody musk fragrance leaves us feeling harmonious and hopeful.

“Cosmic Power” is a luxurious and opulent blend of spices. Its unique and distinctive trail derives from notes of hot cinnamon and black pepper, woody elemi, fresh bergamot, enchanting rose and frankincense, warm amber and vanilla, and skin-like powder and musk. The aromatic and spicy eau is both powerful and exquisite.

Each of Tilbury’s six perfumes are captured in a jewel-toned, genie-styled glass bottle. Embossed on their front are etchings of symbols, such as a lotus flower for “Calm Bliss,” puckering lips for “More Sex” and the sun for “Joyphoria,” to reinforce the emotions that swirl within. Individually and grouped together, the Fragrance Collection of Emotions is as beautiful as it is inspiring, each scent instilling a sense that the magic we crave is within our grasp.

Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection of Emotions in “Magic Energy,” “Calm Bliss,” “More Sex,” “Joyphoria,” “Love Frequency” and “Cosmic Power,” $150USD each for 100 ml, available exclusively on the Charlotte Tilbury app and online at

Meet Charlotte Tilbury’s Six New Magical Mood-Boosting Fragrances

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