Product Of The Week: Rare Beauty Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen

Product Of The Week: Rare Beauty Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen

Want to know what we’re rubbing on and sniffing 24/7? Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen. Because like the name alludes: it comforts us.

No, this is not a pen that you would write with, rather it’s a lipstick-like cylinder filled with a fantastic-smelling, water-based gel that can be applied to your skin and rubbed on any time you want for a little feel-good energy. And yes, oh skeptical friends, it works.

The vegan formula is crafted with three of aromatherapy’s best essential oils. There’s peppermint, which clears the mind and relieves headaches. Lavender oil promotes relaxation while reducing anxiety and stress, and tonka bean wafts a sense of calm with undertones of warmth and coziness. All combined, this fragrant trio creates the perfect blend to help us de-stress and decompress.

Which explains why we keep clicking the pen’s bottom to release yet another dollop of the gel before its silicone tip gently spreads and massages the soothing scent into our skin—it’s not sticky or greasy and absorbs right away. We like to apply it to our temples, wrists and neck, and thanks to the pen’s pocket size, we are constantly carting it around. As for the days and nights when we want a bigger fix, we pull out Rare Beauty’s Find Comfort Body & Hair Fragrance Mist, Hydrating Hand Cream and Hydrating Body Lotion and layer the entire collection on.

Why? Because we find comfort in it. Seriously.

Rare Beauty Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen $27 for 5 ml, available at Sephora.

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