The top 5 multi-tasking beauty products

There are 5 staples every girl should have in her beauty arsenal to help get the most bang for her beauty buck.

Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges aren’t just for smoothing on foundation and concealer — in a pinch, they are wardrobe savers. If you happen to notice a streak of deodorant running down your perfect LBD just before heading out the door, don’t panic. Remove deodorant from clothing i with a few swipes of a clean makeup sponge (any kind will do). Another tip for a big night out? The perfect smoky eye can be made all the more smoldering by smudging your eyeliner with”you guessed it”a makeup sponge.

Petroleum Jelly

Long known for its moisturizing benefits, petroleum jelly is a must for those with dry skin. It can soothe cracked heels, dry elbows and can even soften the blow of a sunburn. A makeup trick with petroleum jelly? Dab a bit on brows to keep stray hairs in check. Or use it on nails as a cuticle oil, on lips as a salve for chapped lips or an eye makeup remover to get rid of stubborn waterproof makeup.

Baby Powder

Post-bath time is made all the more luxurious with a sprinkle of this drugstore staple applied all over your body. Its other beauty uses are endless. Need to skip a shampoo? Sprinkle some in your mane to absorb excess oil (brunettes beware”you’ll need to really work it in) and you’ll have a longer lasting ˜do. Waxing at home? Dust some on your skin so the wax grabs the hair more effectively, leaving you that much smoother apré¨s hair pulling. And if you’re breaking in some new stilettos, shake some in your shoes to prevent blisters.


As we all know, one benefit of this lather-and-rinse staple is smooth and silky looking hair. But when you’re stuck without, it’s the perfect prepping option. Revamp your razor routine with a liberal dose of conditioner in place of a shave gel.


Bronzer has made it possible for pale girls everywhere to become sun-kissed goddesses. But don’t just limit it to your face–it’s also a must for nights on the town to enhance any skin-baring outfit. Need to fake cleavage? Don your best push-up bra, and where you want to play up your cleavage, simply draw an m-shape to highlight your assets. The shadow it creates makes for a beautiful bust line. Same goes for abs. Whether you’re on the beach in a bikini or donning your new lingerie for a special night, you can create the illusion of abs by adding defintion to them with bronzer.

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