Product Of The Week: Urban Decay Big Bush Brow In “Cool Cookie”

Product Of The Week: Urban Decay Big Bush Brow In "Cool Cookie"

Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Emma Watson, Zendaya and, the OG of them all, Brooke Shields, are renowned for their perfectly sculpted and bushy eyebrows. And that was before Urban Decay created and launched its new and revolutionary Big Bush Brow volume-building, tinted-gel, brow makeup. Which, we won’t lie, we’ve been brushing on in attempt to emulate these icons’ coveted arches.

Long lasting, this vegan fiber gel formula builds, shapes and tints our eyebrows for up to 24 hours. And while it’s available in nine great shades—from the universal “Taupe Trap” hue, warm medium brown “Café Kitty” and dark brunette “Dark Drapes,” to auburn “Gingersnap” and “soft black “Blackout” hues, we’ve been swiping “the cool medium black “Cool Cookie” on, on a daily basis. Because it’s gel-based and its key ingredient is castor oil, our eyebrow hairs are well nourished and can be brushed in any direction we choose (we like upwards feathery strokes), that stay put without a strand out of place. It’s packed with hair-like fibers too, so our brows look thicker and are more defined, and never have a painted on like look or crunchy feel.

The wand is small, tapered and asymmetrical, which makes our application super easy. We can control how much or how little we want to layer on and never have to worry about over doing it. The end result is consistent too, looking natural, pretty and plush, and gives us all the finesse and fierceness of the ladies whose eyebrows we oh-so adore.

Urban Decay Big Bush Brow in “ Cool Cookie” or “Taupe Trap,” “Neutral Nana,” “Brown Sugar,” “Café Kitty,” “Brunette Betty,” “Dark Drapes,” “Gingersnap,” and “Blackout,” $38 each, available at Sephora.

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