Wake-up Worthy: Pretty Organic Cosmetics, Love Affair Lavender Coconut Serum

Adriana Ermter found a skin and haircare product that won’t have you reaching for your sunglasses and Blue Jay’s cap when the alarm goes off…

You’re preaching to the choir if your biggest A.M. complaint is that bedhead and blotchy skin are killing your jam. Right there with you. So are 96 per cent of all women around the world who, according to a Dove survey wouldn’t use the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. Especially when the alarm clock goes off, despite the plump cheeks and supple skin a solid eight hours of cellular turnover brings. Which leads to the ever pressing question: what will do the wake-up worthy trick?

Facial oil. To be specific Pretty Organic Cosmetics, Love Affair Lavender Coconut Serum. For one, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t smell weird or overpowering—like the name implies, this oil wafts subtly of soothing lavender—which is key when you’re trying to get some zzzs and/or not going to bed alone. Second, it’s all you need, allowing you to be low-maintenance without skimping on beautifying. Third, and this is where the good night, better morning game changes, it will transform your natural look, perfectly.

The oil’s formulation of organic coconut oil hydrates your skin more deeply and thoroughly than cream or lotion. Antioxidant and vitamin C-rich pomegranate oil smooth fine lines into oblivion and work double time to delay aging, while lavender essential oil kills bacteria, calms redness and heals blemishes—all so that you can wake up with smooth, even-toned skin. As for your hair, after you’ve rubbed a few drops onto your face, glide the remaining oil through the ends of your hair and then pat the rest of it all over to keep flyaways at bay and f your hair in place. Word to the wise, to avoid pillow lines you’ll need to sleep on your back, because no amount of oil can help you with that.

Pretty Organic Cosmetics, Love Affair Lavender Coconut Serum is $30 and is available online at prettycosmetics.ca.

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