Best Positions for Romantic Sex

Take your Valentine’s Day nookie to a whole new levels of love with our picks for the most romantic sex positions for you and your man.

The Lotus Blossom

There is something innately intimate about being able to stare right into your partner’s eyes while he is moving within you. While you guy sits crossed legged, climb into his lap and link your legs around his waist. Rock slowly, kiss at length and let his hands roam freely along your bum, hips, and breasts.

The Reverse Spoon

Know how much you love spooning sex? Now flip it around and face your partner to take it to a whole new romantic level. By hooking you top leg over his side and guiding him inside you, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to kiss and touch while still getting an awesome amount of clitoral stimulation. Win-win.

The Table Top

Once the table is cleared of your Valentine’s Day dinner, make even better use of it by laying back at it’s edge and place your legs on your standing man’s shoulders. Once he’s entered you he can control the pace and intensity while having a full view of you enjoying every second of your time together.

Closed Missionary

Let’s all be honest, while we all might complain about always reverting to the good ol’ standard missionary there is something crazy romantic about this position that is what keeps us always going back for more. Try switching it up a little bit by closing your legs and placing them between his legs, it will make the whole experience feel a lot tighter and more intimate for both partners.

Standing Missionary

You can also take that missionary and flip in 90 degrees. Aside from the awesome full-body contact, standing naturally allows more muscle to engage resulting in an entirely new sexual experience.. Have a major height discrepancy that won’t allow this position to work? Try having him brace your back against a wall and lift your legs over his forearms, bringing you to him.  

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