Fix Hair Damage

Bad hair days result from dry, broken and super-stressed strands. The best way to banish future bad hair days? Improve the health of your hair “ healthier hair means stronger, shinier, and softer tresses “ and who doesn’t want hair like that?

Protect it

Just like our skin, hair can become damaged from prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This can make hair dry, brittle and can cause your colour to fade. It can also give you split ends “ yuck! But don’t worry, there are lots of products out there that can help protect your hair. Many leave-in conditioners or styling aids have spf built right in! Try a product like Ojon’s Hydrating Thickening Spray “ an oil designed to protect from UV damage.  But the best way to truly protect your hair from harmful UVs is to keep it out of the sun. So make sure to grab your cute sun hat before you head out to the beach!

Styling dos and don’ts

Unfortunately, the sun isn’t our hair’s worst enemy “ sometimes we are! We blow-dry, straighten and curl our hair into submission. But repeated use of these devices can damage your hair. So how do we protect our hair without sacrificing style? First, you should always ensure that your hair is completely dry before you start straightening or curling “ this can often cause your hair to break. Secondly, make sure that you always have product on your hair before using a heated appliance on it “ these products will provide a barrier between strands and the heat. When you use a curling iron or staightener, the heat can break down the structure of your hair. Applying product to your hair will ensure that there is a barrier between the appliance and your gorgeous locks.

Products like Ojon Shine & Protect Glossing Mist are meant to be sprayed into hair before straightening or curling. They ensure that not only is your mane protected from the heat, but that your hair is left with a gorgeous glossy finish!

Nourish it

There’s more to keeping your hair healthy than just protecting it. Condition your hair everyday “ even if it’s just on the ends.  John Frieda Root Awakening line of hair care is perfect if you’re tresses are in need of a little moisture. Or try Aveda’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner to help hair that’s been weakened by chemical processes, your blow-dryer or the sun.

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