What His Stuff Says About Him

Superficial though it may be, in the early stages of dating a girl needs to gather all the info she can about a new man. His taste IS his identity “ therefore knowing if he reads Fiction or NonFic (anything at all beyond the TSN Twitterfeed), if he is obsessed with acid jazz and Ashton Kutcher movies, are all important details; These ingredients create the chemistry that determines whether the two of you are a good fit.

It used to be that one quick glance into your date’s manly Roots satchel while he’s in the washroom would reveal a paperback, a CD or two and maybe even an overdue movie rental. From these few items a girl could quickly piece together his real personality beyond whatever first date show he’s putting on. But these days it’s tougher then ever to determine a guy’s real personality; thanks to e-book readers, iPods, and movie downloading, he probably won’t have that sci-fi novel, electro-pop dance compilation CD, or hot new rom-com DVD rental on display for you to judge.

We have it MUCH harder than our historical single sisters when it comes to picking up those subtle clues about a guy’s taste. Luckily, there are a few more ways he is unintentionally signaling his true personality:

Does he mention that he makes a habit of trying new restaurants and sharing his underground discoveries? Do you know that he is a regular contributor to a foodie blog? This guy’s adventurous attitude and openness will translate to all other aspects of his life. This extrovert won’t be afraid to go outside is comfort zone, and will encourage you to try new experiences.

Does he live in an old brownstone with original hardwood floors, elegant crown mouldings, an impractical claw-foot tub and hand-me-down wood furniture? This guy has classic, traditional style, and as a result is probably even-tempered, emotional and loyal. Or maybe your new guy lives in a sleek new loft, furnished in minimalist style and sophisticated light fixtures? This guy is stable, detail-oriented, and drama-free.  

Does he have colourful Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko prints on his walls, or does he have a framed Scarface poster and the black & white New York City skyline from Ikea? Practical, reliable types tend to prefer conventional art rather than abstract or modern paintings. Some guys focus on the talent of the artist or the dollar value of the art versus how the painting makes them feel. If you both have the same artistic style, it’s a great instant bond.


Do you miss the good old days of judging a boy by his (book)(CD)(movie) cover?

Have you ever dated someone longer than you should have because you both shared such unique taste in any of the above?

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