5 Hollywood Bachelors That Would Make Terrible Boyfriends

We won't be bringing these men home to meet the parents.  Here's 5 Hollywood bachelors we wouldn't want as our boyfriends. 

 5. Zac Efron

Back when Efron was dating Lily Collins, he was on a red carpet when a condom accidently dropped out of his pocket. This is a horrible mistake that could have happened when he was meeting your dad for the first time! Condom-laced butterfingers are not acceptable Zac!

Zac Efron

4. Jared Leto

I already have enough troubles keeping my drains and combs clear of any stray hairs but if Leto was in my life, I’d stand no chance. My hair is such a huge part of who I am that I can’t imagine dating someone who inspires incredible jealousy on the topic. Not to mention that fact that he doesn’t age which means in a few years you’ll look like a cradle-robber.

Jared leto

3. Prince Harry

This redheaded trouble maker would be a fun time…for a while. But imagine finding naked pics of him in Vegas on his Instagram? Or him showing up to a friend’s costume party dressed like a Nazi? Or just think of being his date to a family function and having to stand by while he eyeballs the bum of his sister-in-law’s sister? There aren’t enough tiaras in the world for THAT headache.

Prince Harry

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

What? How could Hollywood’s most notorious modelizer NOT be the number one worst bachelor/boyfriend? We’ll get there. Leo does however nab the second place slot thanks to his love (and leaving) of models. Dating someone who has dated and dumped the most perfect women in the world? No thank you! If you’re the least bit insecure, you’ll be questioning your body’s measurements any chance you get.

Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Juan Pablo Galavis

Here he is ladies! The literal worst boyfriend you could hope for. And while he’s not technically a Hollywood bachelor, he IS famous and probably still a bachelor. Thanks to the spotlight of last season’s The Bachelor, women everywhere saw the worst possible traits they could ask for in a man: zero interest in women as people, happy to slut-shame, general stupidity….if you watched the season, the list goes on and on. If you didn’t, a quick look at his empty eyes will tell you what you need to know.

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