Product Of The Week: Function of Beauty PRO Straight Hair Recovery Conditioner Mask

Product Of The Week: Function of Beauty PRO Straight Hair Recovery Conditioner Mask

To be totally honest, we don’t put a ton of thought into our shampoo and conditioner. Beyond making a point to use the de-gunking products a couple of times a week to remove the layers of dry shampoo from our scalp and hair, or the colour protecting bottles to help our highlights last, our shower time is fairly autopilot. Well, at least it used to be.

Function of Beauty PRO’s Straight Hair Recovery Conditioner Mask has given us reason to pause and pay attention. Because when we randomly added its tub of goodness into our daily routine, we really liked how our hair looked and felt afterwards. So we read the label and reconsidered how we’re cleansing and hydrating our hair.

A conditioning mask, the Recovery Conditioner can be used on its own, as a mask, after we’ve washed and moisturized our hair with our favourite products or it can be used as damage control in conjunction with the brand’s bond repair custom Recovery Shampoo for Straight Hair. Either way, the mask boosts our hair’s shine and manageability.

Fuelled with an Adaptive f3 Bonding Complex (TM/MC), the mask’s technology directly targets damage on each hair strand to rebuild bonds and reduce future breakage. Plus, it contains glutamic ccid from hydrolyzed quinoa and mokate oil, which helps our hair look and feel healthy, while increasing the shine and style factor. And because the formula is so concentrated, the mask soothes and repairs our heat and chemically damaged hair, making it stronger and more resilient. All we have to do is use the mask a handful of times each week as a regular hair conditioner. For extra hair repair, we also use it once a week, leaving it on for about five minutes. It’s worth it too, because once we rinse and towel off, and start blow drying, our hair feels softer, brushes through without tangling and looks healthier and more vibrant overall.

Function of Beauty PRO Straight Hair Recovery Conditioner Mask, $38 for 207 ml, available at Sephora.

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