Product Of The Week: Essie Special Effects Nail Colour Collection

Product Of The Week: Essie Special Effects Nail Colour Collection

Why have one nail polish when you can have three? That’s our thinking with Essie’s new Special Effects Nail Colour Collection in sea green “Mystic Marine,” simmering silver “Cosmic Chrome” and blue mauve “Ethereal Escape” hues.

Iridescent for added dimension, these shiny, glowy, glazed, icy, holographic-like shades are the easiest way for us to recreate the Aurora nail trend. You know, it’s the one that started in Seoul and is named after the Northern Lights and often, goes by the alter ego “uru uru nails.” Its flashy 3D look has been filling up nail aficionado’s Instagram squares in South Korea and Japan since late last year (with a rumoured 100,00 and growing #AuroraNails hashtag), and is now the must-do mani/pedi in France, Australia, the US and Canada.

While this glossy go-to is typically created by applying holographic foil onto nails, Essie’s polishes give us the easy DIY option we’re seeking. All we have to do is file our nails into shape (we like a rounded tip for our fingernails and a straight edge for our toenails) and then swipe on Essie’s base coat “Here to Stay” to give our polish something to hang onto. Next, we paint on one or all three shades from the Special Effects Nail Colour Collection, let the polish dry for about 30-minutes and add another coat. Because we want our mani/pedi to last, we add a layer of our favourite Essie top coat “Speed Setter,” which dries quickly. After that, it’s all about snapping pics for the ‘gram and comparing looks with our friends.

Essie Special Effects Nail Colour Collection in “Mystic Marine,” “Cosmic Chrome” and “Ethereal Escape,” $12.49 each at Shoppers Drug Mart and online at

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