Product Of The Week: SOJA&CO. Bubble Bath in ‘Sage + Sea Salt’

Product Of The Week: SOJA&CO. Bubble Bath in 'Sage + Sea Salt'

When people ask us what our favourite body of water is, we always say: our bathtub. Sure, we consider choosing the Pacific Ocean where, as children, we swam each summer during month-long family camping trips at Rathtrevor Beach. We could also claim the French Polynesian Islands’ seemingly see-through, azure-hued South Pacific Ocean where we once snorkeled alongside sharks. But our bathtub is where we unwind and revel in the soothing scent of SOJA&CO.’s “Sage + Sea Salt” bubble bath.

The bubbles’ salty, botanical breeze transports us to the ocean, calming our mind and filling us with a sense of inner peace. Hand poured in Quebec, the 98 per cent natural formula is crafted with vegan, cruelty and phthalate-free fragrances such as fresh water lilies, warm white driftwood, leafy green algae, aromatic eucalyptus and, of course, salty sea salt and herbal Spanish sage. The overall effect is light and subtle, refreshing and natural, relaxing and sublime. And all we have to do is pour a cap-full or two of the thick liquid beneath our bathtub’s streaming facet of hot water, slip into the tub and soak away our day.

Imagined by SOJA&CO.’s founder Laurence Gaudreau-Pépin, we love that our plant-based bubbles have a Canadian core. The apothecary-style bottle they are captured in too, is also good for the Earth as it is made from reusable and recyclable amber glass. So, when it has infused our favourite body of water with its last drop, we’ll feel doubly good about coming back for more…maybe even selecting one of the Bubble Bath’s other unique eight scents…the “Pine + Cedar Bark,” “Eucalyptus, Mint + Rosemary,” and “Fir + Cactus Flower” options have definitely caught our eye.

SOJA&CO. Bubble Bath in “Sage + Sea Salt,” $30 for 500 ml, available online at

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