Coloured Eyeliner And How To Wear It

Coloured eyeliner can seem a bit daunting. Not only are you scrapping the age-old tradition of using black eyeliner (CRAZY), you’re kyboshing the option of coloured eye shadow as well. But never fear “ we’ve got a guide. And no longer will you be left to stare at coloured eyeliner longingly while abiding by the same beauty regimen you’ve been doing forever just because it’s easy. Behold!

1. Complement colours
Bright lips and bright eyes are huge for fall 2012, but make sure you’re not choosing two unrelated tones in an attempt to embrace the trend. Instead, choose colours in the same family, or complementary colours (like orange lips and bright blue eyeliner) that work together. If you’re worried about using a hue like indigo on your eyes, opt for navy, and then use a dark tangerine lipstick to boast the year’s biggest shade.

2. Consider it art
Coloured eyeliner may create quite the focal point, but don’t worry about keeping it minimal if you want to have fun. Provided you’re not loading up on eye shadow, you can experiment with cat’s eyes or the Cleopatra look “ just don’t make the line too wide for risk of it coming across as cream eye shadow. Also remember to keep it balanced: if you’re applying eyeliner to under your eye, avoid applying it on the upper lash line.

3. Prime
Since there won’t be much shadow to keep eyeliner in place, make sure to invest in a good eyeliner/eye shadow primer (like NARS), which will create a base and prevent your colour from smudging. Apply to a clean face, and let sit a few minutes, and then begin applying eyeliner to the lash line. If you tend to blink a lot, focus on the line you’re drawing, and not the pencil itself “ the pencil will make you blink, while the line will give you something to concentrate on.

4. Use mascara
Regardless of what coloured eyeliner you use, make sure to finish your look off with a dark mascara (preferably black) to keep eyes accentuated. Since black eyeliner tends to help make eyes stand out, coloured eyeliner requires even more of an anchor, so don’t shy away from coating (up to about three times each) lashes with lengthening mascara. And now you’re done! (And how easy was it?)

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