Why Galentine’s Day is Infinitely Better than Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is upon us, everyone! A day where we celebrate the ones we love the most: our BFFs. Thank God a show like Parks and Recreation existed so that we didn’t continue walking around like DUMB IDIOTS, ignoring the most precious holiday known to womankind.

I don’t have to tell you all the reasons why Galentine’s Day is so much better than V-Day, but I will. I will until the day I take my last best-friend-loving-breath.

1. I could literally wear a sack made of garbage and that would be acceptable

Because my friends would never judge me for wanting to be comfortable in my own garbage. My besties would await me, with arms wide open, like that Creed song you can’t resist singing along to. Galentine’s Day is accepting every gal for who they are. (And I just happen to be a casual, garbage lovin’ gal.)

 2. I can eat food that I wouldn’t typically eat before sexy time 

Nachos, a tower of beans, 18 bags of Cool Ranch Doritos. WELCOME TO THE JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE. Listen, I know that I can have nights like this with my boyfriend. In fact it’s usually encouraged (that’s why I love him so much). But I’m not getting sexy with my friends later, so why hold back? The little ounce of reservation I feel when I am with my man-friend is politely excused as I down an entire cheese fountain with my friends. You know how frat bros love to chug beers? My girls and I like to see how many charcuterie boards we can chug together in a semi-circle. It’s a beautiful experience and one that I could only ever fully enjoy with my girlfriends*.

(*Or by myself while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

3. We can get reservations easily 

And have space to ourselves. And not have to watch other couples have tongue fights in our immediate vicinity. The day before Valentine’s Day, places are typically dead and preparing for winter to come the next day. Jon Snow is literally at the helm of every kitchen preparing duck confit until his eyes bleed (spoiler?). All of my favourite holidays happen to be the day before and after actual holidays. Boxing Day = sales. Easter = half-price chocolate. St. Patrick’s Day = beautiful street barf/art.

 4. The only gift you give is the gift of yourself

I just have to show up. No one has to pay $300 for a bouquet of red roses that will die in exactly four days. Plus, no offense to some people, but in sometimes Valentine’s Day gifts are overrated as HELL. What the eff am I going to do with a teddy bear the size of me plus a small toddler? I barely have enough room in my apartment for my roommate. When I was in grade five, my bf that I strictly just held hands with, got me a heart shaped ashtray. Romance.

 5. WINE

No limits. Who cares if we’re hungover? We don’t have to be anywhere until dinner time tomorrow. At this point in the night, we have solidified our coven and are probably preparing to cast a spell on all the men that have wronged us in the past “ regardless if we’re in happy relationships or not. We’re using the wine as a symbol of the blood we’d shed for each other. There are so many candles. This night is way better than whatever the hell is supposed to happen tomorrow. Where is my purse? I’ve lost all my things. We’re drunk on blood.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

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