29 Men We Think Could Replace Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey

The news that Jamie Dornan may not be returning as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel has literally ruined out lives. Okay, not really, but it is pretty devastating. Thus, we at 29Secrets have created a list of 29 men we think could be a perfect hot and tortured dominant alongside Dakota Johnson. Please let us know if you agree with our choices or if we’ve missed anyone!

Rupert Friend

We could totally see Rupert as Christian Grey because of the similarities his character Quinn on Homeland has with Mr. Grey. They are both tortured, love stalking people, and of course, are very handsome.

Charlie Weber

Who isn’t totally crushing on Frank in How to Get Away with Murder? This man can rock a suit!

Chris Hemsworth

Do I really need to explain why this would be amazing?

Chris Hemsworth

Cam Gigandet

This dude knows how to create a hot and steamy love scene. He’s got the biceps, the abs and those eyes!

Jesse Williams

This just makes sense. You can’t even look at him without blushing. That’s exactly the response Christian Grey is supposed to ignite in us.

Ian Somerhalder

Because we all know he was the right choice from the very beginning!

Alex Pettyfer

We loved this leading man in Endless Love and Magic Mike. He could definitely get our hearts racing and we can totally see some love potential happening between him and Dakota off-screen. They’d be a really hot couple!

Colin Egglesfield

His brows give Cara Delevigne a run for her money, but most importantly he has grey eyes. And well, that’s really what this is all about.

Hayden Christensen

This is really weird, but when he played Bob Dylan in Factory Girl I became super obsessed with him. He knows how to play a brooding sex symbol. And to be quite honest his acting career needs a little publicity right now.

Sebastian Stan

He is still relatively unknown, but has the looks and the talent to carry this character.

Alexander Skarsgé¥rd

Our favourite vampire was one of the first names floating around when they first decided to create a Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He’s got the swagger and the looks. I think it could be a good match!

Avan Jogia

Vancouver in the house! Why not a sexy Canadian?

Ian Harding

Mr. Fitz goes BDSM? I think so! We could totally see this PLL favourite going dark for this role.

Zach Efron

Ladies love Efron.

Daniel Henney

This South Korean actor/model is ready to break out into a major leading man. And perhaps Fifty Shades Darker is the perfect way to do so.

William Levy

Because a Cuban Christian Grey would be WAY hotter.

Nathan Owens

This soap opera start (he is a doctor/stripper on Days of Our Lives) could totally pull off the whole red room and flogger thing.

Dan Stevens

Matthew Crawley is now into whips? I can dig it! And we all loved him as a creepy psychopath in The Guest.

Stephen Amell

Because we are REALLY into the idea of a Canadian taking on this role. And he kicks ass as Arrow!

Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga’s fiancé© is a dreamboat and has that whole tall, dark and handsome thing going on. It’s hard not to have a crush.

Tyson Beckford

This could be a major moment for him to transform from supermodel to A-list actor. We think he could do it!

Theo James

Not only is he possibly the most beautiful man alive, but he’s got the smouldering, tortured soul thing down pat (see: Divergent).

Henry Cavill

We nearly fainted while watching him in Man of Steel. This British hunk is perfect. Plus, the poor guy spent years losing every major role he auditioned for to another hunky leading man. This is his time!

David Lee McInnis

Another relatively unknown actor who has been slowly making a name for himself in crime thrillers. A dark sexy romance may be just what he needs to go from d-list to a-list. Plus, his German, Irish, Korean heritage has resulted in a face we just can’t stop staring at.

Matt Bomer

Because he’s born to play a man who women want and can’t have.

Arjun Rampal

This Bollywood import would make a seductive Mr. Grey.

David Gandy

He was previously asked to star in Fifty Shades of Grey and said no, but we’re hoping he may change his mind. He. Is. Unreal!

Sam Worthington

This guy has serious acting chops and let’s get real, that’s exactly what this franchise needs.

Ryan Gosling

Because a girl can dream.

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