Face Off: Primers, Smashbox vs. Wet N’ Wild

Primers can be great additions to your skincare pre-makeup regimen, whether it’s the cold winter months and you’re trying to even out your skin tone or it’s a hot and humid summer and you’re just trying to keep your makeup on your face. We tested out two primers to see if cost really matters and which held our look longer throughout the day.

The Contenders: Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Water ($37, available at Shoppers Drug Mart) and Wet N’ Wild Coverall Primer ($4.99, available at mass drugstores nationwide)

The Control: Used each product two days in a row under makeup, with a day in between.




  • Lightweight formula, which helps since you’re adding another layer
  • Silicone-, alcohol- and oil-free (music to our ears!)
  • Provides a smooth canvas complexion for your makeup, sets your look after you’ve completed it and even works as a refresher throughout the day
  • Hydrates skin so it because smoother and more even over time


  • Higher price point

Wet N’ Wild


  • Amazing price!
  • Smoothes skin out before you apply your makeup
  • Lightweight formula


  • Has a slightly (only slightly) greasy feeling
  • Didn’t feel long lasting”after a few hours, skin felt the same as before we applied

The Verdict: Not often does it happen that we choose a more expensive product (we try to save all the money can for our daily coffee runs), but in this case, the Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Water is worth the extra cash. While the Wet N’ Wild Coverall Primer is a great wallet-saving option, Smashbox gives us more options and goes beyond just being a great base for your foundation.

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