What Guys Really Think About Your Hair…Down There

We all know what a nuisance hair removal is…I mean, why else would they invent laser hair removal? And when it comes to the hair “down there,” well, that’s even more of a hassle. While the “bush” may have been a la mode back in the ‘70s, we have porn to thank for the current “hairless” trend. But do guys really care about whether we’re totally bare in our nether regions? Or are they okay with at least some hair down there? For the sake of women who experience the pain of a Brazilian wax regularly, we decided to find out.

Here’s what guys really think about grooming your pubic hair:

"Little to none! I think of girls as a princess — 'clean and manicured' — and when it’s out of control its a turn off." 

"Don’t be gross… nobody likes a lot of hair…keep it neat."

“Don’t shave. I kinda like it.”

“If it looks kinda grown in, but you can tell she waxes, then it’s fine. But if she is like a huge bush and it looks like she just doesn’t care then that’s a turn off”

“Pubic hair? Bad. Annoying. I like to get right in there, and hair just gets in the way.”

“Bare or shortly nicely trimmed. Bushiness gives the impression that they don't take care of themselves down there.”

“I prefer bald but don't mind well maintained pubic hair. I don't like it to free grow cause that is visually unappealing. It also makes oral sex unpleasant…pubes in the mouth is not a good look. If a woman can spend money and time enhancing their facial features with makeup then it shouldn't be too much to ask that they treat their vagina the same.”

“I don’t mind a little, but I’d rather there be none.”

“It has to be somewhat kept. If a girl showed up bushy I wouldn’t reject her, but I wouldn’t go down on her.”


“I prefer it not there, but if it is well-groomed, I don’t mind so much. But if it’s like the lining of an UGG boot? Game over.”

“Keep it trim and I'll be down to go in…armpit stubble ain’t too much trouble…but if its too long and jungle like, I don’t like to f*** that type…”

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