What Is The Viral ‘Orange Peel Theory’ And What Does It Say About Your Relationship?

Is this small act of service really an indicator of a healthy partnership?

A new trend has taken over TikTok has got people talking about how peeling oranges could be the unexpected sign that you’re really in love. Dubbed the “orange peel theory,” the viral concept involves the ability to understand your partner and their feelings; it’s based on their tendency to perform simple tasks for you whether asked to do them or not.

You might be wondering where the name comes from, and what oranges have to do with love. But consider this, if you enjoy the citrus taste of oranges but hate peeling them, then wouldn’t it be great if someone peeled that orange for you instead? The viral orange peel theory suggests that if you ask your partner to peel an orange for you and they do it without questioning why, that’s a small act of service which displays their unwavering love and support. The consensus is that tiny gestures like this show “one of the deepest forms of love.”

The simple but significant gestures could be making a coffee first thing in the morning, or putting the kids to bed so you don’t have to—they’re things you could easily do yourself, but it’s deeply appreciated when someone does it for you.

The orange peel theory is not about depending on a partner to do everything for you, but it’s simply about knowing they are willing to do even the most mundane task if it means helping you.

The TikTok hashtag (#orangepeeltheory) has already generated over 47 million views as of publication, encouraging many people to reflect on their own relationships and consider what the concept means for them.

The origins of the Orange Peel Theory appear to be rooted in a viral TikTok posted on November 4 by @things.i.cant.sen which has garnered millions of views. The TikTok shows a slide show of messages between a former couple waxing nostalgic about their relationship that was posted on .

“I miss when you would peel my oranges for me in the morning,” writes the woman named Charlotte, to which a person called Em asks if they learned how to do it themselves yet.

“no, i still get juice all over and stab my nails too deep,” Charlotte responds.

“you’ll figure it out someday,” Em replies.

The trip down memory lane ultimately proves too painful for the other partner, who asks them not to text again. The citrus-lover’s final message is a flourish worthy of a YA romance. “I peeled my orange today.”

Shortly after that heart-wrenching video, response videos began to surface across the social media platform with folks urging their partners to peel oranges for them or, more generally, requesting help with something you’re easily able to do yourself.

It certainly sounds perfect, but before you go and ask your partner to peel an orange for you and see what response you’re greeted with, it’s important to remember that relationships aren’t always so simple.

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