Your Best Valentine’s Day Yet

It’s less than ten days until Valentine‘s arrives, and with the rom-coms and chocolate, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not enforcing the love. However, it’s possible to make this your best Valentine’s yet even if you’re unattached “ there are good things about being single. And instead of eating a box of Quality Street and wallowing in your lack of beau, we’ve listed those good things about being single, to help make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

1. Spontaneity
There’s a reason some of your married friends want to hear all about your adventures, and that’s because one of the best things about being single is ultimate freedom. Instead of checking in with your other half, you can make this your best Valentine’s yet by doing what you want: heading away for a weekend with your friends, having an impromptu girls’ night at your apartment, or even going off the radar for the night to watch a movie or read a book. It doesn’t matter “ you make your own rules.

2. Priority one
When you’re in a relationship, considering somebody else is important, so one of the good things about being single is putting what you want first and going for it unapologetically. Do you want to move for work? That’s an option. Are you willing to put 12-hour office days in to secure that promotion? That’s your call. Make this your best Valentine’s yet by celebrating that. Make a list of the goals you want, and promise yourself that you’ll achieve them this year.

3. Saving money
True, it’s a boring reason. But one of the good things about being single is the money you’ll save “ especially on Valentine’s Day. So instead of basking in financial bliss, make this your best Valentine’s yet by taking yourself “ and some pals “ out for drinks or a night on the town. Instead of spending that money on a significant other, buy that book, blouse or pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. After all, if the lovers can get a day “ so can you.

4. Having fun
For every standard financial component, there’s another good thing about being single that’s a little less responsible: having fun. Make it your best Valentine’s yet by getting dressed up, going out with your friends and talking up the crowd. There’s no reason life shouldn’t be a party, and if you’re not going to celebrate freedom and fun (and the ability to flirt), you’re not doing yourself the service you deserve.

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