Get in Formation: 7 Beyonce-Approved Items to Wear to the Gym

I’d like someone to provide me with empirical evidence that I have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé©. This month when Beyoncé© wasn’t dropping her hour long HBO special Lemonade, she was launching her athletic line Ivy Park” a 200-piece clothing collection carried by Topshop, Nordstrom, and The Bay. The line is a treasure trove of athleisure styles: clothes that are both practical enough to wear to the gym, and cool enough to wear out in public. Ivy Park is a minimalist collection with stylish black and white items, but also features pops of colour and Beyoncé©’s signature dramatic flair.

In the spirit of Ivy Park, we’ve compiled a list of seven Beyoncé© approved gym outfits to make you look like the resident diva of your GoodLife gym. Although we can’t guarantee these outfits will get you a set of abs like Beyoncé©, they will probably make you feel like a backup dancer in Formation and that’s as close as any of us can hope.

Ivy Park Jersey, $65

beyonce 1

Although this item is described as a basket ball jersey, this shirt could just as easily be worn whilst watching the game from the comfort of your own sofa on a lazy Sunday. Either way, this tee from Beyoncé©’s Ivy Park line, pretty much guarantees to transform you into the coolest person wearing mesh on the court.

Ivy Park Bodysuit, $60


Step 1: slip into this Ivy Park bodysuit. Step 2: learn the choreography to the single ladies dance routine. Step 3: remember that you’re not Beyoncé© and although you possess a host of valuable qualities- you shouldn’t quit your day job.

Adidas Jardineto Firebird Track Jacket, $85


Adidas’ new track jackets are the perfect way to get from home to the gym on chilly days, and this one is so pretty it hurts.

Nike Free RN Running Shoe, $140


You probably won’t be able to afford the Roberto Cavalli dress Beyoncé© wears in the Lemonade movie. However, these yellow Nike kicks are practically the same shade, and will offer you ample sole support should you choose to parade down the street smashing fire hydrants.

Sweaty Betty Swimsuit, $120


In this Sweaty Betty swimsuit you will be able to swim laps of the pool with the confidence of Beyoncé© on the beach in Drunk in Love.

Strike Movement Jogging pants, $98


Channel your inner Beyonce circa 2011 in If I were a boy with these cozy sweatpants from Vancouver designers Strike Movement.

Lululemon Free to Be Bra, $48


For our selection of Beyonce inspired workout gear, this lululemon sports bra is appropriately named free to be wild (and promises to support any potentially risky Beyoncé© dance moves).

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