Our 10 Most Read Articles Of 2023!

Another year has come and gone, and with it were a bunch of beauty, style, relationship, wellness and pop culture articles that we seriously loved putting together for you. Thank you for reading!

Because we’re all about convenience, we’ve put your 10 fave 29Secrets articles in one place, so you can take a look back on what you were reading (and we were writing) throughout 2023 with ease… You’re welcome!

Without further ado… Here are the 10 most read articles on that were published on 29Secrets this year:

10. Olivia Rodrigo Is For All Of Us (Damn It)
Pop music in 2023 – and our relationship to it – has come so far.

9. HER STORY: Rebel Queen Christina of Sweden
Despite the fascinating story of her life, her name is relatively unknown in comparison with other early modern queens like Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots, and Catherine de Medici. Here, we look back at the life and legacy of Christina of Sweden.

8. THE STORY OF: The Christian Dior Newspaper Dress Carrie Wore In SATC
Fans may love it, but the dress actually has a pretty complicated history. Read on for the story behind Carrie’s oh-so-memorable Christian Dior newspaper dress.

7. THE STORY OF: Queen Elizabeth I And Her Toxic White Makeup
Read on for more on Queen Elizabeth I, her legacy, her incredible vanity, the role her makeup played in her brutally self-disciplined persona, and what role those thick layers of makeup may have played in her death.

6. THE STORY OF: Barbie
Here’s a look back at the racy origins of the world’s most famous doll, and a brief look back at Barbie’s cultural revolution through the decades.

5. Am I So Out of Touch? (Harry and Meghan Edition)
Once upon a time, I had thoughts about Harry, Meghan, the Royal Family, and the Netflix documentary, but now resurrecting the trials and tribulations of the Windsor is boring and tired. They’re a mess! What more are we supposed to say?

4. THE STORY OF: The Embroidered Elie Saab Net Dress Halle Berry Wore To The 2002 Oscars
Here’s the story behind Berry’s big win, the gorgeous Elie Saab Couture design she wore that night, the stylist who made it all happen, and how the memorable gown helped to put Berry on the radar as one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood.

3. THE STORY OF: Vaseline
Here’s the history of good old-fashioned Vaseline, or more generally, petroleum jelly, which has been around since the 1870s. Yes, the 1870s…you read that right!

2. THE STORY OF: Fashion Icon And Muse Isabella Blow
Despite its glamorous overlay, Isabella’s life was filled with drama and depression. Here is the tragic real-life story of fashion icon and muse Isabella Blow.

1. Now That We’ve Slept On It: Is ‘Barbie’ Worth The Hype?
With some time for the honeymoon feeling to wear off and our critical minds to come into play, we must ask ourselves the tough question: does Barbie look, well, good?

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