A Boot for Every Occasion

The one good thing about kicking summer goodbye is that we get to kick it away in boots! So long sun, sandals, and, if we’re honest, shaving¦it’s now time to warm up with Fall’s most foot-friendly fashion; the boot. If you’re not too keen about wearing the same boot every day to shield yourself from unwanted puddles, fear not! There’s a way to spice up your boot-drobe by investing in a pair of boots for different occasions.

The Day-at-the-Office Boot

Gone are the Mad Men days of trotting around the office in five-inch heels (unless that’s your thing of course). Thankfully, with modern times come modern trends, most of which incorporate sophistication while keeping in mind a women’s foot arch. To pull off the Day-at-the-Office boot, invest in a low heel that is versatile. For example, a boot that you can pair with that killer pantsuit, yet you can also pull off with wearing a medium length skirt and tights. Think black or dark browns for the versatility factor, such as ALDO’s “Daneker”.

The Date Boot

Nine West
Whether it’s a first date or Wednesday date night, you want comfort and style when it comes to the Date Boot. Remember that much like your date, the Date Boot is definitely not all about looks as you don’t want to end up a sight for sore feet when you’re limping away from dinner. To achieve Zen when it comes to sexy and comfortable, try out a wedge bootie, like Nine West’s Lottie bootie in teal. The key to the Date Boot is color, as booties can pop a punch when presented in shock colors like red, electric blue, or even yellow”plus they make your legs look amazing.

The Girls’ Night Boot

boutique 9
Girls’ Night usually consists of some kind of dancing- whether it’s to Spice Girls in the comfort of an apartment, or if you’re ripping up the dance floor at that bar you always wanted to go to. So with this in mind, the Girls’ Night Boot has two items of criteria: 1) to get you noticed, and 2) to keep you dancing. Go wild when it comes to choosing your Girls’ Night Boot, like Boutiques 9’s Charmaine Fringe Shootie. When else can you wear a shootie? (And with tassels to boot.)
The Badass Boot

steve madden
Every girl has a badass side to them¦so why not let it shine through your boots? Celebrate your inner devil by pairing skinny jeans, your favourite tee and a leather jacket with a pair of distressed mid-calf boots, like Steve Madden’s Camarro boots. Think Kate Moss, Angelina (during her Billy Bob years), and Pink for badass bootspiration. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little different (and surprisingly comfortable) when wearing these rock star flat boots.

There are many occasions that call for a different style of boot. So, do yourself a favour and don’t get bored by burying your once-free tootsies into the closed-toe life of the boot”get excited to have yet another excuse for “investment” shopping!

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