6 Handbags You Need to Have in Your Life

Just like clothing, handbags come in and out of the gates of fashion. Remember the height of the Hermé¨s Birkin? Our love affair with the Proenza Schouler PS11? The Fendi Baguette obsession? Bags have their moments. When they’re in the spotlight it’s a glorious thing—a little bag envy never hurt anyone. On the other hand, when they’ve lost their spark it can destroy the strength of an outfit. But there’s not necessarily one bag for each time period; there are many bags that embody different trends within an era. See our list of 6 leading handbags, all of which play on the major movements of today. Whether they suit your style or not, they’re definitely on a need-to-know basis.

The phone purse

It’s lightweight, totally trivial and aptly exemplifies our technology-obsessed culture. While it may not be the most appropriate bag for running errands, it’s a great option for window shopping, casual walking or a night at the bar—no need to worry about losing your purse. Never forget: some of the most impactful accessories come in small packages.

The backpack

Now when we say backpack, we don’t just mean any backpack—that would be too easy. It’s got to be slick, powerful and minimalist. No bells and whistles, please. It’s about making a humble statement about your appreciation for both fashion and function. Very 21st century of you.

The shopping bag

More than just a carryall, this beauty is the basis to your whole outfit. Sure it’s one of the biggest bags to sport, but it’s also one of the most luxurious. With its easy-to-grab, carefree qualities, one could consider it an emblem of today’s on-the-go nature. This fall, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, a new shopping bag structure has surfaced. On the runway—or should I say aisle—of Chanel Fall 2014, the shopping bag was completely deconstructed into a whole new being: the shopping basket. Utilitarian? Definitely not. Centerpiece of the party? Of course.

The box

It’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Though it looks like an ordinary cube, we fashionistas wear it as a purse. Pair the structured form with oversized garments like boyfriend jeans or wide-legged trousers.

The bucket

The bucket bag is held close to many fashion maven hearts. Though it has had a presence throughout bag history, it has had a hard time catching on to the masses. With reason, it isn’t the easiest to wear and it has a distinct style connotation: boho-chic. However, today, the bucket bag has received a refined turnaround, with rich textures and decadent metallic detailing. If you haven’t purchased one yet, put it on your bucket list—yeah, I said it.

The duffel

The athletic trend continues to run wild through retail organizations and boutiques everywhere. What’s our most wanted sporty piece? The duffel. Because it’s probably the most practical fashion purchase we’ve bought in a long time. Go designer or peruse your local thrift store for a retro one.

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