Meeting the Parents has Never Been So Easy

Summer is the time for family barbeques, patio dinner parties and oh yeah, that huge long weekend family reunion your man has that happens once a year. Every relationship reaches the point where it is official, and for most guys that are serious about committing to you, it’s not set in stone until you meet Mom and Dad. When preparing to meet his family for the first time, don’t fret. Ignore all those self-conscious voices in your head saying his Mom won’t like your outfit, or his Dad won’t think you’re good enough for him. Look at it as a time to shine and make the best impression possible.

First and foremost, take it as a compliment. Either his parents have asked to meet you, or he is so smitten with you he just can’t wait to show you off. Unlike women who are more likely to tell their mothers (and in some cases their Dad’s) everything under the sun about their guy, men are a little more tight-lipped to their parents- unless we are dealing with a serious case of ˜the Mamas boy’! Introducing you as his girlfriend is sometimes a monumental step that indicates he is serious about you. While this is a big step in your relationship, it is important for you to remember that his parents are no different than any other people; so just be yourself and let them get to know the real you.

No matter how nervous, excited or how much you may feel like running in the opposite direction, keep in mind that his parents (and any other family members) may be feeling the exact same way. Try to keep things light at the start of the get-together and gauge the situation. If his Mom invites you to cook in the kitchen, and is introducing you to family secrets 5 minutes in, you’re golden. If his Dad talks to you about the weather and world issues and doesn’t really try to get to know you, just go with the flow. Everyone responds to meeting new people and being in new situations differently. It will show them a lot about who you are if you don’t try to push yourself on them and just follow their lead.

That being said, don’t be afraid to be bold. If you see a chance to tell a hilarious story you know will go over brilliantly, then you go girl. As much as you want to be polite and appreciative and all around humble, you want them to know you aren’t a stick in the mud and can have a laugh too. Always be listening for chances to make connections. People respond well to common interests and shared experiences. Before you know it, you and his parents will have your own inside jokes!

Above all, don’t forget about your man. You are there to meet his parents, but you are also there to show him that you care and want to move forward with him. Don’t over share about that time you two met up for more than just ˜lunch’, but do talk about your relationship and the things you love about him. Throw in a compliment here and there about what a great job his parents did raising him, and you will practically be part of the family by the time desert rolls around.

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