30-Second Hairstyles

After a busy day at the office, the last thing you want to do spend another 30 minutes attempting to master the perfect summer hairdo.  And with humidity, wind, rain and any other number of not-so-ideal weather conditions often a factor, to get a hairstyle to last into the wee hours can feel like a mission impossible. 

Bohemian Braid
Unless you’re sporting pigtails or a French braid circa the bad part of the 1990’s, a relaxed sidebraid is the perfect way to combat the frizz factor often associated with hot summer nights.  Run mousse through your hair after blow-drying, and playing up your waves or volume, brush your hair to one side (using your fingers) and loosely braid it, allowing shorter pieces to fall to create a breezy effortless look.  After you’re done, spritz with flexible hairspray, grab your favourite fedora and head out for a night on the town.

Power of the Pony
We may have rocked them from our toddler years onward, but there’s a reason the high ponytail’s been tried and true.  This summer, tease the top and side portions of your hair enough that you prevent the dreaded slicked back look, and gather your hair into a pony using your fingers so that you still come off  casual and cool.  After you make sure your hair is secure, take a small part of your tail, and wind it around the elastic, fastening it with a bobby pin to give it that added edge and to dress it up.  A couple spritzes with hairspray later, and you’re in the clear and out the door.

Bun on the Run
With vintage looks back in full force, everything old is new again “ and that especially applies to hair.  This season, if your mane is unruly, flip your head upside down, gather your hair into a super high ponytail and secure with an elastic.  But beware: you may need to use a brush to prevent tangles by your neck.  After that, loosen the hair around your crown gently using your fingers, then wind your ponytail into a bun, fastening it with another elastic, bobby pins or even a scrunchy (if you’re really ready to bring back the 90s).  Blast it with hair spray, compliment with dramatic eyeliner and nonchalantly sip your martini in style.

Get Low
Just because the term updo is being used, doesn’t mean your hair has to sit high atop your head.  If you’re looking for something between a braid and a bun, decide on something that borders casual and sexy by sporting a messy chignon at the nape of your neck (like something out of the book of Olivia Palermo).  Therefore, using a light mousse, run your fingers through your hair and gather it into a low ponytail.  Then, take random pieces and slip them under the elastic to create a dishevelled look “ further completed by a couple bobby pins to fasten the rest.  If you’d like, wrap part of your pony around the elastic to conceal it “ which will also add a sense of refinement to a chic-yet-dishevelled look.  A little hairspray, and you’re done within minutes.

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