Product Of The Week: Kariderm’s Fair Trade Haircare Collection

It will make you rethink your every shampoo… 

I don’t typically buy and use my haircare products because of their ingredient list. I’m more of an end-results kind of girl who goes for the best bang for my buck, making my purchases based on words like volumizing, body and thickening, rather than keratin, oatmeal and aloe. But recently, the words shea butter have given me pause, particularly when they’re said in a sentence with Kariderm Haircare Collection.

The Canadian organic skin and haircare brand’s commitment to fair trade and women in Africa is quite possibly one of the beauty industry’s best-kept secrets, which needs to be spread. For starters, Kariderm issaid to be the only line of products made with organic Shea Butter certified by ECOCERT Canada.

Second, it’s magic comes in the form of a nut, grown from the shea fruit trees in West Africa. Typically, women are the only ones involved in the process of gathering and transforming the shea nuts, which explains why its butter is often described as “women’s green gold,” because it brings them multiple everyday benefits and represents a significant source of income and emancipation. So naturally, when it’s mix-mastered into the brand’s Haircare Collection of Protective Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Stimulator and Fortifying Hair Mask, it gently cleanses and protects, while hydrating your scalp and hair and leaving it looking shiny and feeling healthy.  Oh yeah, and its making a huge and sustainable impact in other women’s lives.

KaridermHaircare Collection, $70, available online at

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