Hair: How to Make Waves

Despite how winter weather promises static and a lack of volume, it’s actually possible to sport wavy hair. Perfect, I might add, because the pop culture landscape is currently being dictated by waves and volume. So to help you achieve that, we’ve come up with a list. And as someone whose hair tends to die come cold weather, you can trust that these are tips will help ensure your sanity.



1. What: Loose waves
Pop culture influence: Zooey Deschanel in New Girl

Zoey Deschanel
How to get them: Rest assured, it’s way easier to get Jess Day’s hair than you think. After adding shine serum, and blow-drying your hair straight with a round brush, take your hair straightener and curl hair section by section. Surprisingly, you won’t get ringlets “ especially if you brush lightly through your hair afterwards. Spritz with flexible hold spray, and then bask in your success, because you are victorious.

2. What: Finger waves
Pop culture influence: Kelly MacDonald in Boardwalk Empire

Kelly MacDonald
How to get them: Finger waves are the name of the game in Atlantic City, and even on Downton Abbey, where they’re steamrolling into the 1920s. So to channel your former Mrs. Schroeder, part your hair on the side, then flat iron back and forth along the surface of your hair, using the iron to create the actual wave shape. Where curls and loose waves run vertical, finger waves run horizontal, so remember to use your flat iron or straightener in the opposite way.

3. What: Near-curls
Pop culture influence: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
How to get them: Date John Mayer. (Kidding!) After washing your hair, apply anti-frizz serum, and blow dry thoroughly, making sure to mentally prepare yourself while doing so. Then, starting at the bottom, take small sections of hair and wrap them tightly around the flat iron to create tighter curls. However, when you near the top, ease up a bit to make sure you don’t have curls wound tightly to the top of your head. After, let hair relax, and spray with defining spray, before running your fingers through a bit to make sure your hair looks natural albeit Taylor Swift-y.

But another thing: Regardless of whether you’re rocking loose, curl-esque, or finger waves, you can always add a hair clip or embellished barrette to make your hair a little more formal. And if you want to make your waves bigger, then head over to our big hair guide, where volume will be your greatest ally.

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