#RelationshipGoals That Only Exist Today

Times they are a changin’ and with that, the whole dating game is a changin’ too. The rules of courtship are not quite what they once were, nor are the things that we consider to be important relationship milestones. Modern day technology has us completely hooked up so that our methods of hooking up, and all the stuff that comes after it, are different than they were before cell phones, the Internet, and social media came into the picture. We meet differently, we share things differently, we express ourselves differently, we communicate differently. Gone are the days where a guy giving you his class ring means that you’re officially “going steady” (remember that part in Grease where Danny gives Sandy his ring at the drive-in? That’s really the only way I know that this was a thing).

Here are some examples of #RelationshipGoals that only exist today. If you have accomplished any of these with bae, you’re definitely going steady.

  • Your first Netflix and chill session. And every one after that (’cause your show is obviously one he can’t get enough of… just try not to let him marathon through every one of your episodes too quickly… naw mean?).
  • Deleting your Tinder account. When you finally find a good Netflix and chilling buddy, why keep swiping?
  • Becoming not only Facebook official but ALSO Instagram official. Which means putting @myboyfriendsinstagramhandle❤️🔑❤️🔑❤️🔑❤️ in your profile description.
  • Keeping tabs on each other with time stamps and read receipts. “Okay, you read my message 47 minutes ago and you haven’t replied in six minutes, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
  • When these emojis define your Snapchat relationship:
    • 💕 – you have been #1 BFs with each other for 2 months straight
    • 🔥 – you are on a Snapstreak meaning you have snapped them and they have snapped you back everyday consecutively
    • 💯 – you have been on said Snapstreak for 100 days in a row
  • Having conversations or making plans using emojis. Like this one, which sounds like a great Saturday nightenhanced-22952-1408141252-1
  • Creating a list for them on your Wunderlist. Gotta make sure you stay on top of all bae duties.
  • Creating a budget for them on Mint. All transactions must be accounted for, including bae’s! Spoiling is great, just make sure you stay within your means.
  • Creating your own Netflix profile on their account. Cause sometimes you really do want to just Netflix and actually CHILL. While watching Downton Abbey. When he’s not home.
  • Creating a shared Vine or YouTube channel. Creative couples are the cutest!
  • Creating your own hashtag. For example, since my boyfriend and I went to Southeast Asia, we have been on a mission to find the best pho in Toronto. We are going to a different spot every Thursday for 44 weeks and calling it #PhotyPhoDaysOfPho. Don’t judge us.
  • Skyping with the parents if they live too far away. After all, you have to meet them sometime and at least this way you won’t have to bring a bottle of wine (although you can certainly drink one in secret off screen to loosen up).
  • Putting each other’s fingerprints on your iPhone passcodes. The ultimate in sharing and trust.
  • And finally, if all of these go off without a hitch, you will likely find yourself reaching the ultimate #RelationshipGoals of today’s dating world: creating a wedding website! Congrats #CoupleOfTheYear! #SheSaidYes #MrAndMrs #HappilyEverAfter

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