Are You a Netflix Cheater?

We’re a day away from the international day of love otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, and while you’re likely planning a romantic night with your boo of some kind (whether that’s dinner out or hanging out at home watching Netflix — or maybe you’re both proving each other with the entertainment), there might be a bigger issue at hand: You or your partner could be a Netflix cheater.

We all know the power of the Netflix and chill, whether you’re starting a new relationship or are well into an LTR (and even thinking of making it legit) and watching a show together can be a real sign of commitment that you’re in it for the long haul — or at least 10 episodes.

Yup. Netflix did a study and their data revealed that 46 per cent of couples around the world have Netflix cheated on their partner, meaning that they’ve jumped ahead and watched the next episode(s) without them.

This is an alarmingly high number, especially since 45 per cent of Netflix cheaters don’t even confess. The worst part? It’s happening when you lease expect it, whether you’re away on a business trip, at work or — the worst part — asleep in the same bed.

See the full findings of the study here:

Of course, Netflix has done some ~*serious*~ research here and even profiled certain kinds of cheaters so you can try and spot one hopefully before they get too far ahead of your. Because, if Netflix is right and 18 per cent of couples really do get into a verbal argument about it, this is cause for some serious relationship issues. (Though, tbh, I’m definitely in the 14 per cent of people who think cheating is worse than an affair #sorrynotsorry.)

So, would you Netflix cheat on your partner? You probably already have. And if you haven’t — has your partner? Dun dun dun.

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