Netflix Might Have a Bigger Impact on Your Relationship Than You Think

We’ve all heard that “Netflix and chill” is the new way to explain casually dating a person (or “talking” as we used to call it in my day–that term confused me to no end). Netflix recently surveyed a bunch of millennials to see how much their streaming service really impacts relationships and, as it turns out, it’s more than we think and would probably all care to admit. (But, that doesn’t mean we’re going to ditch our subscriptions anytime soon.)

The results are a little eye-opening, mostly because of how accurate they are. On more than one occasion a friend of mine has told me that they include shows in their Tinder profiles (one very good guy friend of mine told me that he only wants to date girls that either love How I Met Your Mother as much as him or have never seen it so he can enlighten them–he’s such a Ted) and it is a fact in my house that my fiancé© and I have our particular shows we watch together (if the other one watches it alone, we will effectively be calling off our wedding), but choosing a movie on date night (trying to save money = a lot of weekends in streaming) is a case of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. What’s even funnier is that the only two people that have my Netflix password are my best friend/maid of honour and my future mother-in-law. I’m in it for the long haul, you guys. (My only looming question: What’s the sweet spot of bingeing hours? How many consecutive hours of watching a show is enough to bond you and how many is too many that you might kill one another?)

They crafted a fun infographic to demonstrate all of their findings–and, let’s face it guys, if there’s one thing our generation loves almost as much as Netflix, it’s a solid infographic.


So, when you’re planning out your Valentine’s Day date with bae or the guy you’re just chilling with, keep this in mind. And definitely kick him to the curb if you think he’s only in it to get your Netflix password–you don’t need that kind of freeloader in your life.

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