How to Spend Valentine’s Day Like Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio

Valentine’s Day looks different for every couple, but if you’re in midst of your own love story, chances are it really just means spending time with your boo — and the same goes for Victoria’s Secret models like Sara Sampaio. We chatted with the model all about V-Day dates, gifting and how she gets ready for a night with her man.

29Secrets: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

Sara Sampaio: Sometimes you have to work the whole day and you’re tired and sometimes it’s just nice to stay at home and order in, be in your pjs and just cuddle with your boyfriend and eat ice cream and popcorn. Just really enjoy some alone time. Sometimes it is nice to go out for dinner and have a nice bottle of red wine. I think Valentine’s Day is really about being with your loved one and having that quality time together.

Valentine’s Day gifts”yay or nay?

I think yay. I don’t think they’re an obligation. Sometimes you’re going through rough times and you don’t have the money to buy a gift and that’s okay. A handwritten note sometimes is all you need. I think it should always be about your personal preference and if you feel like you want to do a surprise and get something you totally should.

What would be on your list to get for Valentine’s Day?

Definitely roses. I would also love to get lingerie from my boyfriend because that would mean that he actually went to the store and actually picked something out. It’s always really special when you know that your man went to one of the lingerie shops and you know it’s always a nervous time for a go. So if he really goes the extra mile and goes into a shop and buys you some really nice lingerie, it means that he really cares and is really excited.

What tips would you provide to guys when it comes to buying lingerie for their girlfriends?

Definitely snoop around to see what they already have. Check out their size before you go to a store”that’s the most important part. Then when you go into a Victoria’s Secret store, there are tons of people that are going to help you. They can go in and just say, Please help me get something from my girlfriend or my wife, and give the sizes and they’ll be there to help. Even if you don’t have the time to find her size, you can always get her something else from Victoria’s Secret. VS just came out with this incredible Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain and any woman in the world loves makeup”especially lipstick. If you don’t know your girlfriend’s sizes, just get her some beautiful red lipstick.

Let’s say you’re going out for a nice date”whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not”how do you get ready?

It really depends on when you’re going, but I never really like to go too over-the-top. I definitely like to wear heels, but maybe with some black jeans and a nice sexy top. Maybe spice it up a bit with a bold lip”that’s probably my date night look. I’m not really into wearing really sexy or fancy dresses”you really want to make sure it’s you on the date. If you’re into wearing a sexy dress, then you totally should”but me, personally, I like to be a mix of casual chic.

What does sexy mean to you?

Knowing that I’m getting ready to see the person that I love, that makes me feel sexy. And lingerie is that little secret that no one really sees, but that gives you that extra boost of confidence.

What’s your go-to bold lip?

The new Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain in Desire”it’s a bold, bright red. Even if I’m wearing just a plain black dress, a red lip really changes the whole outfit and takes it to the next level.

You’re a busy woman”how do you get ready in a short amount of time?

A highlighter can really change your whole face, especially if you’re really tired and you don’t have a lot of time to change your makeup. Adding highlighter to the high planes of your face really makes you look and feel fresh. Putting on a lip from day to night will change your whole look. With hair, if you’re wearing it in a pony during the day, just let it out”or the opposite and put it up in a cool pony or bun. Doing things that only take a couple minutes sometimes look better than if it took you three hours.

What’s your favourite date night fragrance?

I think for Valentine’s Day, Tease is my favourite. It’s very light and kind of romantic. I actually like to apply fragrance in a different way than most people. Most people put it on their neck, but I actually like to apply it on the back of my neck, under my hair. So every time I move my hair, the scent goes out and it lasts a little longer.

Any Valentine’s Day movies you like to watch?

I really love Moulin Rouge”it’s one of the most beautiful love stories ever. That’s what I want to watch this Valentine’s Day.

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