Why Opposites Attract

We often base our relationships on how much we have in common with our partner, but are we missing out on something that could be much more fulfilling than sharing the same interests? A solid relationship is balanced, finding that balance could mean taking two people that are very different and coupling them so that what one lacks the other has in surplus.

When you fall in love, the real love, you find qualities that you are irresistible about your partner. It could be their ambition, sense of humour, generosity, not necessarily what their favourite band is. If you are scared of heights and have a boyfriend that loves rollercoasters, his confidence can give you the strength to overcome your fear. This push and pull allows us to challenge each other and only become better people.

It might be annoying when you can’t agree on what to eat for dinner, what movie to see or what music to play in the car, but a real relationship is not based on materialistic things. A true relationship is built upon feelings that are deeper than our favourite clothing brand. By all means, it would be wonderful to have a partner that loves everything you love and also has those irresistible qualities, but the ability to balance each other out is the key in creating a long lasting relationship.

If you look at your family relationships and who you argue with the most, whether it is your mom or sister, it is usually the person who we are most like. Two of the same personalities find it much harder to come to resolutions or communicate with each other. While one is hot headed the other should be comforting. Two hot headed people results in a lot of fighting!

When you are searching for Mr. Right, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if he prefers the beach to the mountains, it is the qualities about him that challenge you, that excite you and make you feel good inside. What t-shirt he is wearing and the car he drives is fun for a couple of weeks, but when the arguments start and you realize you are dating yourself, you will remember that opposites always attract.

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