Secrets To A Happy Relationship

While there is no secret recipe for the perfect relationship and path to long-lasting love, there are a number of things every person in a relationship can do to make it work.

Relationships are incredibly hard sometimes, but they can also be totally worth it in the end. We have compiled a few great tips to follow when you’re in a relationship, to maintain the happiness, and to spice things up every once in a while.

1. Pretend you just met
It sounds cliché©, but it really does add excitement to a relationship. If you’ve been going out for a number of years, or even a number of months, it’s important to spend a part of each day acting as if you’ve just met. No, we’re not suggesting you pretend to be someone else and meet at a bar like in the movies (but you could if you want), we’re talking about getting to know each other. Ask him what he thought of the movie you just rented, or what he’d hypothetically do if he won the lottery. Get-to-know-you questions help you continually bond and grow together as a couple.

2. Save the chick flicks for girls’ nights
When you continually watch romantic comedies with your significant other, you’re treading on thin ice. Constantly watching films that portray idealistic and often unrealistic relationships can set unreasonable expectations. Comparing your relationship to those in the movies is setting yourself up for disappointment.

3. Tweet and Facebook responsibly
Nowadays, people share everything, and we mean everything on social networking sites. But that doesn’t mean you have to join in on the trend “ in fact, you should probably avoid it. Feeling the need to constantly check up on your significant other is not healthy. But, this issue goes beyond spying undercover. Being glued to your smart phone or computer is not conducive for a happy and romantic relationship “ so make sure your Tweets aren’t taking up time better spent ahem, actually speaking and hanging with your guy.

4. Be proud of your friends’ relationships
Research has shown that being proud and nurturing the bonds of some of your friends’ relationships can divorce-proof your own. A close pal’s split increases the odds of you splitting by as much as 75 per cent. Why? Some people may see a friend’s divorce as a reason to re-evaluate their own relationship. So be happy and forgo the pessimism when it comes to all relationships around you.

5. Don’t forget to twist the sheets
It’s important to maintain the intimate parts of your relationship, just as much as the emotional ones. Increasing the number of times you have sex to once a week has been shown to equate to the level of happiness of an extra $50,000 in your income, according to a Dartmouth College study. It’s not the sex itself that keeps you smiling; it’s the frequency that makes for a successful relationship.


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