Summer to Fall Transition Pieces

The season is starting to change, but let’s face it; we all don’t have the time, energy, or money to do a complete wardrobe overhaul every time a new season arrives. All it takes is a little bit of research and knowledge of up-coming fall trends, and you can figure out what items from Spring and Summer are good pieces to transition you into fall. It’s economical and fun to see how you can wear one piece in different ways. Then you can spend your money on the fall/winter essentials that you can’t live without. It’s win-win!

Your favourite sandals need not get pushed to the back of your closet come fall. Invest in some pretty socks and tights and you can keep those sandals going all through the fall. Even the strapiest, highest heeled sandals look cute with socks and a skirt. So be a little daring, and you’ll find you have lots of footwear to choose from this Fall.

Long Skirts
Swap your flats for a pair of ankle boots, and wear some tights if you need to, but don’t put away that maxi-skirt! This fun feminine trend should be embraced for as long as it stays around. Keep your light summer skirts and throw on a cozy sweater instead of a tank top, and you have yourself a perfectly on trend Fall outfit.

Floral Print
Floral is typically reserved for Springtime, but it’s making it’s fall debut this year; which means your fall wardrobe just got a little more versatile. Lanvin, Miu Miu and Jill Sander all used floral prints in their Fall 2011 collections, which means you can too! Choose your florals that have some darker colours mixed in, and they will carry you through this fall and even the winter.

Collared tank
Sleeveless collared tops were a big thing this summer (think Kimberly Taylor or Balenciaga). But just because they haven’t got any sleeves, doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for them this fall. Try wearing them underneath a scoop neck or holey sweater. You’ll see just enough of the top, but your arms will stay a little warmer. Or layer it with a cardigan and a blazer (and a scarf and a vest if you really like layering).

Bright Colours
Colour blocking was one of the hottest trends to hit Spring/Summer 2011 fashion, and lucky for us it is sticking around. Bright colours, and even neons are on trend this Fall as well. So those bright red pants you bought a few months ago will not go to waste. Just put an oversized sweater on top “ maybe in blue or purple “ and show your true colours this fall. 

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