Surprising Daily Habits That Could Be Harming Your Health

There are a number of things we do every single day that we wouldn’t necessarily consider a bad habit. There are the obvious bad habits that can hurt our health “ for example smoking, not eating properly, skipping a workout, etc. (See: Bad Beauty Habits That Make You Look Older.) But, there are also common things we take part in every single day that can actually result in a weakened immune system, poor sleep, backaches, and much, much more.

What exactly are we talking about? Take a look at a few surprising habits we’re all guilty of, but should really reconsider.

Living in your high heels 
Sure, you may look fashionable, but did you know that wearing heels day in and day out is super bad for your back? Heels force your back to arch, making the muscles in your entire back work overtime. Heels are also known to throw off your balance “ so wear more comfortable shoes to and from work, and if you must, keep your heels for the office, and only the office.

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Carrying a large shoulder bag
This isn’t only bad for the obvious reason that it puts strain on your back and shoulder, it could also be bad for your hair! If you have long hair, you run the risk of getting it caught in the strap, which can lead to breakage. Swap those long shoulder straps for one with shorter handles, instead.

Being Chatty Cathy
It’s true, hours spent gabbing away on your cellphone can lead to breakouts and rashes on your cheeks and along your jaw line. It’s not hard to see if you think about it: we leave our phones anywhere and everywhere “ from the kitchen counter, to the bottom of our purses “ and bacteria has a field day when we do this! Make sure you keep antibacterial wipes in your purse and clean your phone; it’ll go a long way in keeping your skin clear.

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Forgetting your own pen
This one is definitely a doozy. Experts say that catching a cold or flu can be blamed on the germs spread most easily through hand contact. It makes sense: the more public pens that you touch “ like at the doctor’s office or signing a cheque at the bank “ the higher the risk you have of getting sick. Researchers recommend you carry your own pen to avoid the flu bug.

Exercising in the PM
If you’re looking to get a workout in before an early bedtime, you’re probably going to want to keep it to three hours before you hit the sack. The reason? Intense physical activity pumps up your energy levels and raises your body temperature “ which can both keep you from getting the rest you need.

Piling on the vinaigrette dressing
Sure, it may seem like the low-cal option, but it’s a horrible habit for your teeth! Vinegar is acidic, which means it’ll erode away enamel on your teeth. Balsamic dressing is the worst, because it’s dark and will stain your teeth at the same time! Opt for a white whine vinaigrette and drizzle it over a spinach salad “ spinach is a great food that helps neutralize the damage caused by acid.

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Sleeping on your stomach or side
When you toss and turn and end up on your stomach or side, you’re actually creating creases around your nose, cheeks, eyes, mouth, etc. As we age, the collagen loss in our skin prevents those creases from plumping back into shape. Sleeping on your back is the obvious cure, but it’s not always the easiest. If you can’t make the switch, try sleeping on silk pillow cases so your skin will glide more easily as you toss and turn.

Washing your hair daily
Some tap water contains significant amounts of chlorine. The debate is still on whether or not there are health risks, but there are definitely hair risks. Hair professionals agree that chlorine strips your hair of its natural oils, which can greatly damage your hair. A neat trick to see if you suffer from chlorine damage: if you see steam rising as you blow-dry, ding, ding, ding, your hair needs help! Opt for a dry shampoo if you need to soak up your hair’s natural oils.

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