8 Healthy Self-Checks Women Should Do

From your head to your toes, keeping yourself in tip top shape is a full time job. It seems women have lots to worry about on the outside. (See: The Best Time to Work Out.) Many members of the opposite sex don’t realize all the work that goes into looking good. To avoid body and beauty hassles in the future, be sure to go over this self-check list to make sure everything is in working order.

Warning signs can come in many forms on your nails. If you see dark lines on your nail beds, it could be a skin-cancer red flag. The deadly disease can also develop under your nails in the form of yellowish, brown, or black stripes. These are signs of cell damage and possible melanoma. Early detection is key. So if you see anything, report directly to your dermatologist. 

This often-forgotten area deserves your attention. If you see a patch of dark, rough skin it could be an indicator of diabetes. Excess insulin in your bloodstream can cause skin cells to form too fast and cause a build up of tissue. This makes your skin feel thicker and appear darker in areas like your armpit. A quick blood test can set the record straight and determine if you have the disease or not.

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Knees and Elbows
These bony areas are not always examined in a body once over, but if you see small, soft lumps it might be cause for concern. These lumps could be deposits of cholesterol, which means your cholesterol levels are too high. See your doctor right away for a check-up and ask about how to keep your levels where they should be.

Your hair gets all the attention in the shower, so be sure to double back and check out that noggin of yours. If you see flakes in your hair or on your clothes, this could mean a case of dandruff. Stress can cause your body to produce excess amounts of the hormone cortisol, which can dry out your scalp. Luckily, there is a simple fix. Take serious measures to reduce stress in your life and pick up a dandruff shampoo to reduce those unwanted flakes.

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No woman wants unseemly hair on their stomach, so if you see dark hair or stubble forming, get it checked out. It could be a sign of PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is caused by an overproduction of androgens, which can also lead to heavy periods and weight gain. There are more serious risks than the unwanted hair, including heart disease. So, see your ob-gyn right away and talk to her about going on the pill to get your hormones back to normal.

It is up to you to take care of the girls, and they need lots of attention. If you feel a lump that gives you some suspicions, do a more careful breast examination. Early breast tumors can be detected by simple at-home tests. Lift your arm above your head and apply pressure in different areas. If you feel something, don’t wait. Make an appointment with your doctor for a more through feel.

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Your tongue gets a lot of action¦ from food and drink to swapping salvia. If you notice it has a white, yellow or orange coating, it could mean more serious issues with your gut. The valve at the top of your esophagus makes sure things go down, but sometimes, due to acid reflux, it can come up again. This can be a seriously uncomfortable condition but can most of the time be treated with antacids. More serious cases may need to be treated with a reduction of spicy foods in your diet or prescription medication to reduce your body’s production of stomach acid.

Your beautiful blues are your lens to the world, so make sure to keep them looking their best. If you see a yellowish bump on your eyeball, this could mean the possible development of a condition called pinguecula. This harmless condition is simply an overgrowth of collagen triggered by sun, wind or dust damage. Keep your eyes lubricated with drops and wear shades when in the sun to keep the bump at bay.  

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