Your Midsummer Love Horoscope Is Here!

What’s in store for your love life this summer? Good news: Romance is in the air for many of the signs, while two eclipses in the month of August (a lunar and solar eclipse, respectively), may throw some wild cards your way. Read on to see what the stars have in the forecast from now until the end of September.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
July 18th and 19th saw Venus making nice aspects to Jupiter, which means you single Aries ladies likely experienced a romantic encounter on those days. But the lunar eclipse coming on August 7th will occur in your 11th house of family and friends, so be sure to shift your focus from this budding new romance to your loved ones who may need you in their time of drama or distress.

Once September rolls around, your love life will come back into focus with an emphasis on fun through to the 20th. If you’re attached, you’ll enjoy winding down summer with going on all kinds of fun outings together. If you’re single, you’ll find potential mates while doing things that you enjoy yourself, which could prove promising if you share the same interests or hobbies. Your love planet enters Virgo on the 20th, which indicates the tail-end of summer ending with a romantic meeting in one of your usual spots–at work, the gym, the grocery store, or maybe even the doctor’s office. You will find yourself especially attracted to health professionals, so chances of you lucking out and bagging yourself a handsome PhD are pretty good! Get ’em girl.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
Although you have many good days listed for love during July and August, the fact is that you will be so focused on your career, finances, and wealth during these prosperous months, your love life will take a bit of a backseat. Come September though, your love life improves along with your blossoming social life. After a busy yet profitable summer, you’re ready to finish the season off by letting loose a little and having some fun. Opportunities for love will arise but don’t rush into anything quite yet. Pluto, the love planet, is still retrograde, so have patience for better love aspects after summer ends.

GEMINI  (May 21 – June 20)
Venus entered your sign on July 5th and blessed you with all the beauty and grace you could want, both physically and personality-wise. You’re looking good, you’re feeling good, and everyone around you is noticing! Closer to the end of the month, your attraction to potential mates is at an all-time high. You won’t have to go searching far for love–just keep doing the things you enjoy and love will come to you. Summer’s end, however, will bring a planetary shift from East to West in your chart, meaning that the power is moving away from you and towards others. So although you’ve been totally feeling yourself for the last couple of months, now is the time to focus on the interests of others. Go the extra mile for your lover or do a little something special for that special someone and you will both reap the benefits. Also, with your 4th house of home and family life dominant during September, those who live with their partners should be sure to tend to your domestic situation and keep things in harmony.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
Saturn, your love planet, is retrograde throughout July, so love hasn’t exactly been at the forefront. This will improve, however, from the 20th onwards, when all of your hard work in other aspects of your life (namely money and career) will pay off with the potential for love. Perhaps an office romance or you may meet a sexy someone who works in finance. If you’re in a relationship, August 7th’s lunar eclipse will affect your partner’s finances, which in turn could affect you. Be patient and supportive during this time as they try to figure out a new strategy. You will also begin to feel the urge to change up your look, perhaps with a wardrobe upgrade or a bold new hairstyle. Go for it and enjoy your new look, especially on September 13th, when your outward image and self-confidence are sky high with the Moon at her perigree. This would be a great evening for a night on the town, for both single and attached Cancers.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)
Summer love hasn’t really been happening for you yet Leo, that is, until the Sun enters your sign on July 22nd, which causes you to really shine. Others will notice your charisma and pure magnetism, and the positive charming energy you emit brings attraction from all angles. The lunar eclipse on August 7th just so happens to occur in your 7th house of love. If you’re attached, this means that your relationship will go through some sort of test — repressed issues could come to the forefront, forcing you both to deal with your emotional baggage, or your partner may be dealing with some personal drama that could strain your relationship. Not to worry — whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.

Those who are single or at least not committed to anything serious may feel an urge to take things to the next level under this eclipse. If you’ve been enjoying your single life, this could change as you suddenly feel desire for a partner. If you have been casually seeing someone, you might decide to have “the talk.” But with your love planet, Uranus, in retrograde from early in the month onwards, it’s best to go slow and not rush into anything. The solar eclipse on August 21st, though, will bring relief and harmony from the lunar eclipse tensions on your current relationship, or a happy romantic meeting for you single Leo ladies.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)
Has your love life been bittersweet as of late, Virgo? On the sweet side, you’ve seen lots of great aspects in love for the first few weeks of July. On the bitter side, Mercury’s opposition to Neptune, the love planet, from early July onwards, points to great distance between you and your lover, be it physically or emotionally/psychologically. You and your significant other have been arguing about every little thing, neither of you wanting to budge or have anything other than their own way. Put the work in to find common ground, or at least agree to disagree, and your love will blossom. This feeling of opposition and distance will continue through the rest of summer, but other aspects in your life will be going so well that you won’t be too phased.

Right before summer’s end, on September 20th, Venus will enter your sign to bring gifts of beauty and grace. Your outfits will be on point, your charm will flow easily, and people will be drawn towards you. Single Virgos may get lots of dates at this time but anything more serious will be problematic, as that feeling of “my way or the highway” from the last couple of months will persist, which isn’t exactly conducive to committed relationships. Have patience, as your love life to improve later in the year.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)
What a summer of love for you, lady Libra. Your love planet, Mars, occupies your 10th house during July, making love the ultimate focus of your life. If you’re single, power and prestige are the main attraction–you’re not just looking for romance but also relationships that could help you advance your career. When Mars enters your 11th house of friends and group activities on the 20th, you’ll see potential partners in almost every social situation. Attend events or engage in group activities to meet like-minded people who also just want to enjoy all that life has to offer. Rather than finding an ambitious powerhouse of a partner, focus instead on bringing things into balance with a more equal relationship. If you’re already committed, enjoy socializing together and have some fun! The fun continues through August, with social endeavours at the forefront and a particularly romantic aspect happening on the 1st of the month.

The lunar eclipse on the 7th will put a love relationship, whether serious or not, through some sort of test. If you’re single, you might not be any longer. If you’re committed, a proposal could happen so make sure to get your nails done before then! You know, just in case. Summer will end on a love note as well, with September bringing many strong and positive aspects for love. You may even fall into it, if you’re not there already. If you are, you will feel completely at peace as your relationship develops spiritually. Single Librans ought not to search for love at the bar or club, but rather at a spiritual workshop or charity event, as this is where you will find lasting love and not just an end-of-summer fling.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)
Scorpios have been enjoying a sexy summer so far, with Venus, your love planet, in Gemini early in July. You’re especially attracted to not only those with whom you feel sexual chemistry but also those with whom you are able to communicate effectively. Late-night chats and intellectual conversations are just as much of a turn-on than anything physical. One aspect of particular interest is the strong social presence from a parent or parent figure from the 20th onwards, meaning single Scorpios may have the opportunity to get romantically involved with someone who has a child or children. So keep your eyes open for any hot dads/moms floating around. The second half of your summer unfortunately won’t be nearly as sexy as the first half, and the tail-end in particular isn’t ideal for love. Venus enters Virgo on September 20th, which negatively affects your social magnetism. Expect your summer flings to fizzle out as you focus on other aspects of your life at this time.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
Not gonna lie, dear Sagittarius, but this hasn’t exactly been a summer of love for you. At least not yet! Wait until after Labour Day, when your love (and career!) planet Mercury begins to move forward until reaching your 10th house on the 10th–an undoubtedly good sign for both love and career. As you advance your career in pursuit of your goals, look for opportunities for love simultaneously, as they will be present and will carry the potential to benefit you career-wise. Use your social grace, strategic skills, and courage to get ahead in both work and play. Power and position are especially attractive now, and you could even find yourself romantically involved with a higher-up, like your boss or manager. But beware of an office scandal that could be less about love and more about convenience and opportunity. Try to keep a level head about things, be aware of your intentions, and do your best to keep things from getting messy.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)
Since the start of summer and all through July, Capricorns enjoy dynamic love aspects, with family, money, and sex at the forefront. Your immediate family takes a real interest in your relationship, perhaps inviting your new boo over for dinner to get to know them better, or maybe just constantly questioning you about who you’re seeing now, if anyone (which, I know, can be annoying but just remember it’s because they care). Don’t worry though, because your increased magnetism during the last week of the month might end up providing you with good relationship news for them. If attached, enjoy the benefits of your partner’s financial success during the month and show gratitude for their increased generosity at the end of July. Ride this through until the lunar eclipse on August 7th, when your relationship gets tested through some sort of drama. Be patient, be loving, and your relationship will improve once grievances are aired out and dealt with. Then ride the love wave through to the end of summer.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)
Sweet, sensitive Aquarius. You started summer not wanting just a fling, but something more intimate and meaningful. You were seeking reciprocal emotional support and found yourself attracted to people who make you feel comfortable and stress-free. But near the end of July, you’re finally ready for some fun. Enjoy summer and the romantic opportunities that come with it–long walks on the beach, fresh-picked flowers, the works. There will be lots of parties and events taking place, where you will enjoy time with your partner at various social outings. Wedding season will be busy for you, and you will love all the love in the air. If you’re single, you will likely meet a special someone at one of these social interactions.

August 21st sees a solar eclipse that will test your relationship, likely due to your partner’s own personal drama, possibly financial issues, leaking into the life you share. Don’t take things personally and have patience as they sort through it all. Be open and willing to accept change. As summer winds down through September, so will your love life, but only slightly. Romance is still present, as are social gatherings, but with family now more than friends. The Sun, your love planet, remains in your 8th house until the end of the season, making you a bonafide sex magnet. Once it moves into the sign of Libra at your 9th house on the 22nd, romance comes back into play along with sexual energy as you feel attraction for intellectuals and foreigners. Cause smart people with accents are the sexiest, right? But if you’re in a relationship, you may feel distance between you and your partner, and your summer will end with you two having to work hard to keep things together. It will be a challenge, but it will be worth it.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
You may have been struggling with satisfaction in your love life during the first few weeks of summer. Your needs changed, along with your attitudes. Someone who you were smitten with may suddenly not seem so shiny anymore. Sure, you were having lots of fun, going out on movie dates or weekend getaways for a much-needed change of scenery, but for some reason were still left unsatisfied. Look for love in social situations, whether at work or at play.

The solar eclipse on August 21st will cause some disturbance in your relationship, especially if your birthday falls between February 18th to 21st. These early-born Pisces would benefit from clearing your schedule as much as possible to adequately deal with the ensuing drama. If your relationship is good, it will survive. The final month of summer brings you better luck in love, with your 7th house of love receiving many powerful aspects.

September will be incredibly social and your calendar will be booked solid, which in turn will bring many opportunities to find a mate (like marriage material mate, so keep your eyes open). If you’re in a relationship, strive for peace and harmony, as this will trickle into all other aspects of your life, including health, work, money, and emotional well-being. You may feel as though you aren’t always seeing eye to eye or on the same page, but it is possible to find common ground. Put in the work and reap the reward of romance rekindling between you two. Just be sure to get enough rest so you have energy to put adequate effort into your love life.

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