How to Handle Romantic Rejection

In life rejection is handed to us in many forms, whether it is rejection from a school, a job or by someone you are romantically involved with. Rejection is not only what we fear most, but it can take us down a very destructive path. Being romantically rejected can make you feel small and worthless or make you crazy and revengeful. Dealing with rejection is allowing the negative feedback to send you in a positive direction by following a simple set of dos and don’ts.

Do Ask Why?
Lines such as it is not you, it is me or I am confused are not helpful to someone who is being rejected. Asking for the honest truth allows you to understand what may have put him off or made him change his mind about you. It could be hard to hear, but knowing that you were too obsessive or controlling can help you analyze the way you act in a relationship. We all have faults and identifying them can help you in the future.

Don’t Get Defensive
Name calling or saying hurtful things because in the moment you feel betrayed or vulnerable will make you feel foolish later. Hearing what he has to say and telling him you don’t agree but understand will have him thinking twice about the decision he made. Seeing how well you took the news will make him feel insecure and have you walking away with more confidence.

Don’t Be Alone
Immediately get in touch with friends or spend the night with family. Being alone with our thoughts can sometimes be the worst torture. Wondering where things went wrong all day and night will drive you insane. Instead surround yourself with positive people who are supportive and uplifting. It will cheer you up and help you feel less deserted.

Do Understand That It IS Over
Relying on the hope that it is not over, he will change his mind and everything will be okay, is not realistic. You can’t make him feel something that is not there. Building yourself up will only make things worse when what you are hoping for doesn’t happen. Focus on improving yourself, not changing for him.

Don’t Facebook Stalk Him
Immediately delete him from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Having to read his status updates or sneaking through his feed to see if he is talking to another woman is not healthy. If you go searching the likelihood that you will find something that will hurt your feelings is very high. Staying away from him and his social networks will help you get over him a lot quicker.

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