What’s Worse: Ex-sex or “Oops”-shaggin’ Your Bestie?

There’s your ex. And then there’s your best guy friend. If you’re unattached and need some lovin’, both of these dudes can seem appealing. The question is, of the two, which one would be a safer no-strings-attached guy between the sheets?

Recently film director Kevin Smith, a veteran at addressing these topics in his scripts – tweeted this particular question. He neglected to provide any follow up for those who caught his tweet and kept his followers guessing. Both are complicated in their own right. So let’s break it down.

The sex with the ex:

Sex with an ex is inevitably going to be good unless it happened to be the reason you two broke up in the first place. You both know each others’ goodies and what is required to obtain maximum results. What could be even better is you both may have picked up some new tricks or have over-come a past fear that may have been a speed bump in your sexy life while you dated. But, this could also raise a lot of questions and open up the can of “Where have you been since me?” Not a sexy conversation.

After sex with an ex:
Post climax you are going to remember that you two in fact did break up for a bunch of reasons (recall that pros and cons list you wrote on the back of your daytimer). There is a good chance those reasons are going to have you immediately second-guessing your decisions to take casual drinks back to the bedroom. Stay positive – maybe you two have grown, maybe the things you fought about are no longer relevant, or maybe the series of recent one night stands have you thinking differently about your relationship.

The sex with your bestie:
This naturally could go either way. It’s newfound territory. However, unlike a one night stand, this person knows you. They know what to say to make you feel comfortable, they know what to do to keep you entertained, and let’s be honest – the thought of having sex with them has crossed your mind so perhaps the build up alone could leave your legs shaking.

After sex with a bestie:
Well, naturally you two are closer. Even if it doesn’t amount to full-blown relationship – you can now close your eyes and picture each other naked. That’s something. The question is whether this closeness is going to change the nature of your relationship for the better. Will the new way you look at each other be for the best? Truth: if you had the ability to get naughty with each other in the first place then it’s likely you weren’t always totally platonic. No matter what happens after, it’s arguable this was the next step anyway.

The verdict: Kevin Smith was right not to follow up. It’s like the blind leading the blind. It will forever come down to you and whoever the guy is, labels aside. You’re just gonna have to think it through – Bummer right? What do you think?

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