5 Racy Places to Get Busy

Want to spice up your sex life? Before you reach for the toys or call in a supporting act, why not try getting busy outside of the bedroom? Sure the bed is great for just-waking-up adult snuggles, but now that the weather is nice, you're options for where to get some have just opened right up. In the spirit of this steamy season, we've rounded up some of the raciest places you should do it this summer. 

On the beach

An oldie, but a goodie. This one has a bad rap for not being as sexy as everyone thinks—sure, sand gets everywhere, but beach sex really is one of the most fun places (not that I’ve ever researched this particular location or anything…) and can be super romantic and raunchy all at the same time. Whether you’re popping off to a secluded part of the beach post-swim or just going for a nighttime stroll along the shore, this one will surely be one for the replays.

In the park

You and your main squeeze are out for a stroll in the park and no one’s around… so why not? There’s something really exhilarating about getting busy in the great outdoors—and the playground setting might just give you guys some inspiration to get creative with all of the swings and slides. Just make sure there are no kids around.

In an elevator

Have a long ride? Then try to fit in a quick ride too. Even if it’s just the prelim stuff, the thought of someone—anyone—getting on at any floor will really add to the excitement—and you may even have time to get… you know… before you get off.

Restaurant bathroom

You know when you’re out for dinner with your guy and you just can’t wait until you get home to jump him? Excuse yourself politely, give your guy the signal and meet in the bathroom for a quickie. Just make sure you’re wearing a dress for easy access in case someone does come in.

On a balcony/in front of a window

This one works best when you’re in a high-rise building or hotel, but can still be done at home. There’s something really exhilarating knowing that you’re probably giving someone a really really great show. 

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