Gorgeous Canadians

Among our good manners and many talents, Canadians are also renowned for being gorgeous, so in the spirit of such truths, HELLO! Canada has just released its list of 50 of the most beautiful Canadians.

On newsstands yesterday, the publication named Justin Bieber, Michael Buble and Celine Dion among the nation’s top exports (and went on to include MTV host Aliya Jasmine-Sovani, Rachel McAdams and Olympic curling athlete Cheryl Bernard), with each celebrity being gorgeously photographed to encompass their wonderful “ and now famous “ attributes.  (And to think for years we were only known for 90’s bands and saying eh.)

Included in its list are models, film stars, musicians, athletes and television personalities, which “ according to HELLO! Canada‘s Editor-in-Chief Ciara Hunt “ proved quite a feat, since the Great White North obviously boasts a population primarily beautiful.

It has been a fabulous year for Canadians on the international stage and our celebration of the Most Beautiful reflect this, Hunt revealed. It was almost impossible to whittle our list down to 50, especially as there has been an explosion of fresh faces over the year.  Also, with the phenomenal success of our Olympic athletes we wanted to continue the celebration and show what beauty lies beneath all that snow gear!


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