I Will Watch This, You Can’t Stop Me: A Selena Gomez Biopic

Honestly sometimes the universe just looks down upon us all and smiles. And this week, it did so in the form of an upcoming Selena Gomez movie for Lifetime — executive produced by Selena Gomez herself (bless us everyone, what a day oh what a day).

The scripted drama will be produced by Kevin Spacey (yep) and Dana Brunetti, and, according to Deadline, is “among the highest-profile entries on the development site” to which I say, well duh.

So far, there’s no writer (ALTHOUGH I WILL DO IT HI I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE), but the project is said to draw “from the young actress’ experience navigating a career in Hollywood as seen through the eyes of her friends who quickly become her most trusted inner circle.”

Meaning that this is the most important project in the world. Not only has Selena already lived a life (and she’s like, 10 years old), she knows how to stage a comeback and hustle and get her work done, and also she survived Bieber. Or, is currently surviving Bieber. (I don’t know. Nor do I entirely care.)

So what matters here is this: we are about to be gifted the greatest movie of all time. And no, there is no star. No, there is no writer. There is no director. We don’t even know when this will be released. But I want you to think about a Selena Gomez Lifetime movie every time you feel even remotely sad or upset about anything. Because we, my dear friends, have found ourselves a beacon of hope in this dark abyss we call our day to day lives.

Say it with me: there is going to be a Selena Gomez movie for Lifetime, it will be produced by Kevin Spacey, and if it is even an ounce as good as Liz & Dick then my entire purpose on this life will have come to pass.

Especially if Bieber plays himself. Especially.

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