Here’s What Women REALLY Think Of D*ck Pics

Years ago, I received my first-ever dick pic.

It was from a guy I was sort of talking to, but hadn’t actually gone out on a date yet and it came completely unexpectedly (I woke up to it, screaming, to be honest).

Since then, I couldn’t even tell you the amount of unwarranted DPs I’ve received (one guy used Snapchat solely to send them every day… all from different angles, which is actually kind of impressive if you think about it, considering how creative he had to get).

The main reasons these guys sent pics was a) to get one back (which never happened) and b) because they thought it was a turn-on.

But to be honest, it wasn’t. At all. One guy sent a picture of his dick above a toilet (in other words, pretty much before he was about to pee), which is the FARTHEST thing from sexy. The only time I was actually okay with a DP was when my long-distance boyfriend sent it to me.

And as it turns out, I’m not alone in this aversion to DPs. A quick survey of my female friends all came up with the same results: women really don’t care for dick pics, and if you do send them to a girl she’s probably just showing them to her friends and laughing about it.

Not convinced? See what they had to say below*:

“Straight up: I hate dick pics. For the love of god, don’t send them. I’m sorry men of the world, but there is nothing sexy about penises. They’re weird. They look lifeless and flop around (most of the time). If you’re going to send a female prospect of yours a dick pic without her even wanting one, I will 99.9 per cent guarantee you that she will send it to all her girlfriends in a group chat and they will all scream. And then laugh. Because, for real, dicks are a little bit scary and a little bit funny. Yes, girls love sex. Which involves your penis. But seeing it pop up on my phone, NO THANKS. Keep it in your pants please and if you want to flirt with me, use your words.”

“Dick pics fall under the category of not erotic, not sensual, not stimulating and often embarrassing. Depending on the esthetic properties of the member, the age of its owner and sometimes even the features of the surrounding environment in the ‘pic’ it has a time or two been a queasy experience. To be fair, a dick pick can make you howl with laughter and provide you with conversation fodder. Shout out to Anthony Weiner.”

“Unsolicited are a big no no for me… borderline sexual harassment sometimes if it comes from a weird stranger on Facebook or something. But even if it’s some guy I just start dating or an ex, it’s a big turn-off. But on the other side I’ve been in a lot of long-distance relationships and sometimes it’s great for keeping a sexual connection when being miles apart. But, again, with someone who you trust completely and are into it. Just keep your face out to be safe.”

“I’d say if it’s [from] a stranger, a dick pick does nothing for me. Like, sure I’ll look, but I’ll just delete it. But if I know the guy, or slept with him, it can be a turn on.”

“I don’t know why anyone would want to receive a dick pic. I’m not sending out pictures of my vagina everywhere. Also who finds that attractive? To me it’s just like a foot. If you send me pictures of your foot I’m not going to get jacked up about it. It’s a foot. It’s weird that it has become a thing.”

“If it was like, ‘Oh I am thinking about you and look how hard I am,’ and it was a guy I liked I’d be flattered. Like, I must be a babe if he is all riled up just thinking about me. But I’d REALLY have to like him. An unsolicited dick pic would make me scream, laugh and then immediately block you.”

*Names have been omitted for privacy

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