What Your Cuddling Habits Say About Your Relationship

Rejoice, it’s cuddling season! And depending on what your cuddling habits are, they could say a lot about your relationship. We all have our ideal cuddling situations but sometimes the reality of our relationships dictates a totally different dynamic, and we find ourselves settling for baby spoon or no cuddles at all! Well, not to worry. Just because your S.O. hates feet (mine does) doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. Here’s your task: find the cuddling style that best describes your real cuddling habits, and find out what it all really means. Don’t forget the spiked eggnog if it’s your first time attempting the piggy in a blanket position.

Big spoon, little spoon

This is the most classic of cuddling positions. But it can totally go wrong with both people, for example, want to be little spoon. If this is your dilemma, then you and your partner are both looking to take more from your relationship than you’re willing to give. Solution? Try to meet each other halfway and compromise. Switch halfway through the cuddling session to try being big spoon for once. Your partner will certainly appreciate it and you might even teach them a thing or two about reciprocity.

Piggy in a blanket

This position basically involves you and your S.O. swaddled underneath the same blanket. To my dismay, my partner once suggested we get separate duvet covers, so that we didn’t have to fight over the covers at night. When two people can share the same blanket for an extended cuddle session it really means you have a strong bond. Your relationship is built on the principle of togetherness. You’re in it together, wool blanket and all.

Braided legs

So, basically this position is when you face each other lying down on your sides, and weave your legs together. If this is your ideal cuddling position, then you are both not only extremely sexually attracted to each other, but typically ready to let the cuddle session progress to something more. The intimacy created in this position, with your private parts almost touching, was created for lovers.

Opposite ends of the couch, toes touching

This position is usually a signal of one of two things. First, you like to have your space. Second, you don’t depend on your partner for much. To have the toes touching is actually a strong connection. The root of the body, the toes are one of our most sensitive body parts. So, don’t feel so bad if you’re not straddling each other at all times. Having a small connection at the tip of your toes can actually be just as strong as the braided legs. And if you’ve got a foot fetish? Even stronger!

iPhone cuddles

I think every couple nowadays has experienced this cuddle position. It’s basically where you hold each other in any which way so that you both can simultaneously be on your iPhones. This position usually means you have an addiction to social media and need to take a break from it. Seriously. Put the phones down and look into each other’s eyes for half a second, okay?

Koala style

Basically if one of you is the tree, the other is the koala bear. One of you stays fairly straight while the other wraps themselves in any which way around your body. If this is your usual go-to cuddling style you have a relationship filled with daddy issues. If you’re the koala bear of your cuddling position, you fear abandonment and need to hang on as tightly as possible to your partner. But if they oblige, then it’s a match made in heaven.

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