Ben and Lauren Might Be Breaking Up and Our Hearts Can’t Take It

Of all the couples that have come through The Bachelor franchise, only Ben and Lauren have truly captured my attention. Since Ben’s season of The Bachelor, I have been helplessly following the two on Instagram, and when it finally came out that they were getting their own show (especially one that was going to include the twins), I was admittedly ecstatic. Which is why I’m sitting here at my computer, not even close to being caffeinated enough to deal today, upset that I just heard the news that Ben and Lauren might be calling their wedding off. I think my heart just broke.

Fun fact: I don’t actually love the franchise. It’s 100 per cent my guilty pleasure in that I hate that I watch it week after week and have become so emotionally invested in it. For over three years I’ve been recapping it as a part of my job, but it wasn’t until we Andi got her own season that I really got into it. I rolled my eyes through the shit show that was Juan Pablo’s season and even had mad respect for villain Claire as she basically told JP to stfu during his season’s finale. But when we met Ben and his love Lauren, I started to believe in the show just a little bit.

Before you jump down my throat, I know that reality TV is scripted. And I know that commercials are edited to draw viewers in (I’m a textbook case of hook, line and sinker), but this promo for the newest episode of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After is tearing at my heart in the worst possible way.

I know that Ben and Lauren are the most basic couple that there is. But they’re both so seemingly innocent and sweet that I just really, really want them to work out. Because if two people as cute as these can’t make it work, then the rest of us don’t even have a shot in hell (okay, dramatic, but COME ON).

The problem is: I can totally see where the issues are. Ben told two women that he loved them in the span of two days, which is not cool. Especially because you don’t just fall out of love with someone in a snap, so of course there are going to be trust issues. But working shit out in a relationship is hard enough under the best circumstances, so when you’re compounding that with the fact that you’re in the spotlight (their choice, I know) and on top of that planning a wedding (which was the single-most stressful time of my life), yeah, there are going to be some issues.

The worst part of this? Since Canada is a week behind in which episode they air compared to the States, we won’t actually get to see all this go down until next Tuesday at 8, which, of course, is the same night as the season finale of The Bachelorette Canada, which means I’m going to be a gd nervous wreck yet again.

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  1. Avatar
    • Kate
    • November 15, 2016

    They are so boring. I’m pretty sure 90% of their show is scripted and it’s STILL boring

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