8 Ways to Revamp Your Relationship This Year

It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into planning your New Year’s resolutions, they always end up feeling a little overdone. This year rather than solely focusing on self improvement, you should consider making some resolutions with your partner instead. This way, you can still stick to your promises and revamp your relationship while you’re at it.

Learn something new together

Whether you would like to learn a new language, how to cook or how to paint, studies show that people feel better when they learn or try something new. This year, make a list of things you want to try and accomplish them with your partner. This is a great resolution because you’ll not only learn something new (which is great all on its own), but you’ll also get to bond with the person you love.

Spend more time in the bedroom

This year, vow to spend more time in the bedroom because its been proven that having sex is both beneficial physically and emotionally. When you have sex, your body releases oxytocin, which is also known as the “cuddle hormone,”, which leaves you feeling lovey and a strong connection to your partner. Having sex also releases endorphins, which leave you feeling good all over, and what couple wouldn’t want that?

Let go of past grudges

Nothing holds back a relationship more than holding onto things that keep you from moving forward. Being angry or upset about the past isn’t healthy and these feelings always tend to resurface whenever you’re upset, making it a minefield until the issues are resolved. In order to move forward in your relationship and have a year of happiness you must let go of any former grudges or things that have come between you.

Try something that scares you

It’s important to challenge yourself and to overcome something that scares you. This year, overcome a fear with the person you love. This will not only bring you closer together, but it’s a great way to bond and accomplish something important together. It doesn’t have to be something huge, it could be anything from trying a scary ride at the summer fair to go zip lining if you’re both afraid of heights.

Listen more

If a couple takes the time to actively listen to one another, they’ll find that how they communicate will drastically improve. When we learn how to truly listen to our partners, by giving them our undivided attention, it builds lasting intimacy, which will help you overcome obstacles and challenges together in the future.

Be more spontaneous

At the start of a new year, its easy to fall into a predictable routine that aligns with your New Year’s resolutions: wake up early, work harder at work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat. Before you know it, your dates are going to become a little predictable (and boring) too. To avoid falling into a dating rut, focus on being more spontaneous this year and that way you’ll be able keep the sparks flying. Being spontaneous can mean doing like an unprompted like a last minute weekend away, dancing in the rain or doing something small like ditching your go-to restaurant and trying something new. Adding a little spontaneity to your lives will give you and your partner a sense of adventure, which will keep things fun and fresh.

Unplug more

Staying glued to your devices is one of the quickest ways to kill the mood. As soon as a notification shows up or your phone vibrates, the moment will be broken and your attention will divert to your phone. Keep date night alive this year by leaving your electronics behind or in another year. This way you can actually carry on a conversation with one another for more than a few minutes.

Get active

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get healthy. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions fail by February.  How come? When your working out and eating healthy on your own, it’s easy to lose your motivation. But, if you workout with a partner, you’ll feel much more motivated when you have someone else apart of the experience.  You and your partner can become each other’s support system and you plan healthy meals, go to the gym together and even plan active dates like running, hiking, or skiing.

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