New Things to Try in the Bedroom This Year

When it comes to New Year's Resolutions we know that you’re usually all like “I’m going to lose ten pounds” or “I’m going to stop drinking wine”, but let’s be serious neither of those are fun and both of them will be broken within the first 90 days (who are we kidding, we give it 10 days tops).

So why not amp up your resolution this year and dedicate yourself to bringing more excitement into your bedroom life? And here’s how you can…

Pull An All-Nighter

Remember those early days of your relationship when you literally used to spend hours and hours in bed with one another just going at it like rabbits? Well there is no time like the present to relive those super-sexy moments with your man. Pack up a serious overnight kits (think munchies and water…and lube, obvs) and lock yourself away in your bedroom for the night. If your lucky, you just might spend the whole next day there too.

Try All the Positions

No really, try all of them. Invest in a copy of the Kama Sutra (or just invest your time in a lot of private-browser Googling) and find as many sex positions as you can. Each time you and your guy are starting to get lucky, pick one positions at random that has to be incorporated into your sexual escapade that night. Even if it ends up failing miserably, we bet you’ll still have a great time trying.

Find Your PS-Spot

We all know the G-Spot, right? Well let us tell you, it’s got some competition these days. The PS-spot is a mass of erectile tissues that is located pretty much on the exact opposite side of your G-Spot, on the back wall of your vagina instead of your front. And guess what? Just like a penis or a clitoris, this bad boy gets all kinds of engorged when it’s stimulated and can help take your pleasure to a whole new level during oral sex (tell him to rub down instead of rubbing up!)

Get 50 Shade-ed

With the impending release of what is probably one of highly anticipated movies of, well, all time (don’t deny you haven’t watched the trailer at least 75 times since July), this is the perfect time to let your guy know you’re interested in experimenting with things that are a little more…adventurous. And no there is no Red Room required, but starting to incorporate a little light bondage (think about those neckties ladies) never hurt anyone.

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