Fight the Dating Winter Blues

Why does dating becomes harder this time of year?

It’s common knowledge that winter weather makes many aspects in our life more challenging, but our love life isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. Well, turns out couples are twice as likely to split between the holidays and Valentine’s Day; here’s why:

You’re looking to pick a fight
You and your beau have been cooped up inside for months now. You plan to go on a romantic walk together to release some steam, but when you peek outside, a heavy snow flurry awaits you. So much for leaving the couch. To make matters even worse, the sun has been hibernating for what feels like weeks. While we all need those rays to start our morning off on the right foot, a lack of sunlight can actually lower the mood regulating substance in our bodies. Yikes.
Even if the snow seems to blanket the ground more days than not, don’t let it stop you from enduring the great outdoors. Experts say that being exposed to brief amounts of sunlight will increase your levels of vitamin-D and serotonin (that mood boosting chemical). While it may be short-lived, don’t let the sun fade without a fight! Breathing in the fresh air will also lift your spirits. So grab your toque and step outside to zen your mind, and save your relationship.

Stress-level heightens
The holidays have just passed, and it’s back to regular work hours. You want to get up early for that usual morning run, but the weather is telling you otherwise. Chilling temperatures also call for icy roads, cautious drivers, and more traffic. It’s not even nine o’clock yet, and it seems Mother Nature is already an inconvenience.
Sure, you may not be able to go for your morning run without bundling up in six different layers, so hit the gym instead! Keeping active during the winter months is the most effective way to rid those stresses. For the days when exercise is out of the question, surround yourself with soothing music and scented candles. Why not let a little John Mayer, mixed with the scent of lavender (a known stress reliever), strip away your troubles?

You feel gross
Let’s face it, when we’re not forced to model our beach bods on a weekly basis, our inner indulgence can take over every now and again. After all, what we can’t see can’t hurt us, right? Wrong. Even if we can get away with sporting sweatpants all winter, you just feel, well, gross! In these drawn-out winter months, we have a tendency to over-indulge on carbs, and rely on alcoholic beverages to boost our moods. When we feel less attractive, we lose our desire to put on our favourite party dress, and don’t bother primping ourselves for our man’s personal pleasure.
While it’s easy to slip out of routine and gorge on all your favourite snack foods, it’s time to break the cycle. Remind yourself that a well-balanced diet is always important, no matter what time of the year it is. Why not get your beau to cook a wholesome meal with you? Pst- nutritious foods like fish fillets, eggs and cottage cheese are all high in mood-boosting nutrients. This way you get to spend quality time with your man, while simultaneously raising your energy level.

Don’t have a high a sex drive
This last one seems to result from a combination of all the effects mentioned above. When we feel gross, the only thing we want to do with our bod is cover it up in our most favoured knit sweater. A lack of sun can also make us become more tiresome. Looking to pick a fight too? If you and your squeeze are both feeling irritable, you’re probably lacking an emotional connection to get in the mood.
No need to fret, all these symptoms are only temporary. In order to get that flame ignited again, plan a romantic candle light dinner indoors, and dim the lighting for an alluring and intimate escape. Sometimes it benefits to be snowed in.

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